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: 2011/2012 Biography & Statistics

30.10.2014 Player News Joe Allen in Vauxhall event.
30.10.2014 General News FAW Launches Integrity Tour to combat the threat of match fixing
30.10.2014 General News Kit Symons
30.10.2014 General News Kit Symons
29.10.2014 International News Men's Under 19 Squad Announced
29.10.2014 International News Carfan Dan 19eg Cymru
28.10.2014 General News Gareth Bale Nominated for Ballon d'Or
28.10.2014 General News Gareth Bale wedi ei Enwebu ar gyfer y Ballon d'Or
27.10.2014 Domestic FAW Trophy Round 3 Summary
24.10.2014 General News Andy King Wedi Ei Wahardd am Ddwy Gêm.
24.10.2014 International News Andy King Suspended for Two Matches
24.10.2014 U-17s Match Report
24.10.2014 International News Men's Under 17 Team beat Montenegro
24.10.2014 International News Buddugoliaeth i Gymru Dan 17eg
23.10.2014 International News Wales 34th in FIFA World Rankings
23.10.2014 International News Cymru yn Rhif 34 Ymysg Detholion FIFA
21.10.2014 U-17s Match Report
21.10.2014 Domestic FAW Womens Cup Round 2 Draw
21.10.2014 Referee News Referee Evans Continues to Shine in Europe
21.10.2014 Domestic Independent Arbitration Decision
20.10.2014 International News Andorra v Wales
20.10.2014 International News Andorra yn erbyn Cymru
20.10.2014 International News Friendly Futsal Tournament in Poland - 3rd Game
20.10.2014 International News Carfan Futsal - Buddugoliaeth Gofiadwy
19.10.2014 U-17s Match Report