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The Football Association of Wales is the third oldest association in the world, having come into existence in 1876. The association has governed football in Wales continually since that date. The FAW is a member of FIFA (affiliated since 1910) and UEFA (affiliated since 1954) and is one of the five associations (together with FIFA, The FA, SFA and IFA) that make up the International Football Association Board, the guardians of the "Laws of the Game".

The FAW in addition to its administration responsibilities for football in Wales also has the responsibility of running the international teams, of which there are eight, namely "A", "U21", "U19", "U17", Semi-Professional, Womens, Women's "U19 and Women's U17".

The administration of football in Wales is governed by the Council consisting of a President, two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and nineteen elected / nominated members. In addition there are also five Life Vice-Presidents and two Life Councillors. The association is honoured by having Her Majesty The Queen as its patron.

The Council is responsible for the overall direction of Welsh football while the day to day management of the affairs of the association are directed by the Secretary General and his staff. Wales, being one of the smaller associations geographically and numerically of both FIFA and UEFA has twenty-four full-time and three part-time staff. For more information on the Staff and Constitution of the FAW, please see the relevant pages on the site.

The Constitution of the FAW

Composition of the Council

THE ASSOCIATION shall be governed by a Council. The Council shall consist of the Officers of the Council and twenty Councillors as elected or nominated triennially (the next such date being 1998) together with such Life Vice-Presidents and Life Councillors as there maybe from time to time. The said members of the Council are referred to as "Councillors" in the Rules. The said twenty Councillors shall be elected or nominated as appropriate triennially as follows:-

  • Six Councillors shall be, and shall be known as "South Wales Representatives" and shall be nominated and elected by Qualifying Clubs in the "South Wales Area" as defined in Rule 5
  • Six Councillors shall be, and shall be known as "North Wales Representatives" and shall be nominated and elected by Qualifying Clubs in the "North Wales Area" as defined in Rule 5;
  • One Councillor shall be known as "The Football League of Wales Representative" and shall be nominated and elected by the Qualifying Clubs in The Football League of Wales;
  • Each of the six Area Associations (as set out in Rule 2.2) shall nominate one Councillor;
  • The names of the persons nominated under Rules 4.4 and 4.5 shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Association no later than Ist August.

Good Representation

Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules, the Council, for the purpose of determining the constituency for the election of the six (6) South Wales Representatives and the six (6) North Wales Representatives and in so doing ensuring good representation of the whole of Wales shall be empowered to divide the country into suitable areas and sub-areas and allocate such representation as far as possible suitably between the Qualifying Clubs ("the Areas"). Such Areas of the country are currently "the South Wales Area" and "the North Wales Area" with the North Wales Area currently divided further into the North East Wales, North Wales Coast and Central Wales sub-Areas. Qualifying Clubs in any particular Area or sub-Area shall only vote for those candidates nominated as Representatives from the particular Area or sub-Area concerned. The Council shall have the power to prescribe the number of votes which each Qualifying Club must cast in any election. Failure to cast the said number of votes will render the Qualifying Club's ballot paper void. Voting papers for any particular Area or sub-Area will state clearly how many votes must be cast by Qualifying Clubs, in the election. Only those Qualifying Clubs which on the Ist of August preceding the occurrence of any election (whether triennial or for a vacancy), were eligible to vote at a Meeting, shall be entitled to nominate a candidate for election and vote in that election.

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