What We’re About

FAW was launched in 2020 by a group of friends who were passionate for sports. Today, the same group of friends still runs the site, but we’ve added more fellow sports fans to our team. Each one of us has an athletic background and has a burning desire to share with the world all the latest happening and exciting events in the world of professional sports.

Our site covers a wide range of different team and individual sports, sporting events, transfers and other interesting facts about some of the world’s top athletes and their careers. Here, you can find reports, as well as the personal opinions and analysis of experts in their fields.

Behind the scenes

Originally formed by a group of friends, [site name] is now home to an even larger group friends, brought together by their love for sports. Every member of our team has either in some shape or form been involved in sports on a professional level and can therefore provide invaluable information with respect to their different fields of expertise.

So although we may no longer be athletes, the team spirit is still as strong within us as ever. And we love that we get to share it with our readers. You can read more about each of us on our authors page.