Paul Hunt

Once a very promising athlete, Paul was among the most talented members on his team before a grave injury put an end to his career as a professional football player. But even that couldn’t stop him from staying close to his beloved sport and keeping it as an inherent part of his life.

Paul enrolled in a sports journalism program and graduated magna cum laude, enabling him to pursue a successful career as a sports reporter. In his free time, Paul is a valuable contributor at FAW with exceptional insights into tennis, football and basketball, among others.

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Steven Gifford

Steven has always been highly passionate about sports and you can feel it through every word of his writing. He has a talent for detailed game coverage and a very precise analysis of gameplay. Steven has been especially helpful by providing deep insights and almost encyclopedia-like knowledge.

Furthermore, Steven Gifford has always been well aware of the input every team member has in the team’s overall performance – regardless of the game. So he always keeps a close eye on each individual’s success and how it contributes to that of the collective.

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Laura Busby

Laura was one of the first and still is among the most prominent contributors to FAW, and her love for sports is a deep-rooted one, stemming all the way in her childhood. The daughter of renowned athletes of their time, Laura was brought into the world of professional sports at a very early age, and it has since then become an inherent part of her life.

She specializes in reporting on player transactions and similar team news, with a special focus on coaching changes and decision making. A lifetime of seeing the behind-the-scenes of everything that goes into sculpting a career in sports has provided Laura with an invaluable perspective that she is generous to share with the world.

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Dale Fisher

Dale has been an author at this site from day one, and the content we receive from him is unrivalled in terms of precision, accuracy and style. Having mastered in sports journalism and having always been an avid writer, Dale can compel even the most non-interested in sports reader and convert them to a die-hard sports fan.

In addition to simply being an interesting read, Dale has always been keen on providing the most educational content in as a non-intrusive and entertaining format as possible. And thanks to being as knowledgeable as he is, he’s succeeded with every article of his we’ve published so far.
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