british esports association hitmaker
eSports 28-08-2020

British Esports Association Collaborating with Hitmarker for Career-building

Their collaboration aims at assisting people with their dream jobs in the Esports market. They said that surviving in competitive gaming can be difficult, regardless of you being a player. Their pair-up will make this effortless for many such talents. They also mentioned how they have fixed up the British Esports careers hub to make […]

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pubg mobile esports tournament
eSports 26-08-2020

PUBG Mobile is Set for New Esports Tournament and Massive Update

It promises an immense boost in terms of performance and other benefits. The company has also revealed about the launch of a new sports tournament which will most likely begin from November. Latest Updates in 1.0 Version The team of PUBG Mobile which is also a part of Chinese gaming and tech giant, Tencent says […]

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PUBG Corporation
eSports 20-08-2020

PUBG Corporation Declares Details for PCS2 Europe Grand Final Teams and In-game Profit Sharing Game Items Ahead of Grand Final

Each player will test themselves against their countries best sides and play for their regional prize. The grand final stage is scheduled from August 29 to 30, September 5 to 6 and September 12 to 13. PCS2 Grand Final Team During Europe Group Stage of PCS2, 24 teams fought against each other and then 16 […]

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Hajime Taniguchi
eSports 17-08-2020

The Global Esports Federation Has Recruited Hajime Taniguchi to Join Athletes and Players Commission

The Global Esports Federation is an international organization that tends to coordinate the worldwide esports scene and assist smaller scenes to grow. It also assists professional players to search sponsors and generate income they require to support themselves. The current joining of Tokido will allow them to extend their approach to the Fighting Game Community. […]

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esports enterteinment
eSports 12-08-2020

Esports Entertainment to Gain Flip Sports Assets

However, the terms of the agreement between the two have not been revealed yet. Its intellectual property and staff will come all under its control after the closing of the deal. The Purpose behind Acquiring the Assets Esports Entertainment is dedicated to focusing on cutting edge 18+ gaming solutions along with esports wagering. It recently […]

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Rocket League
eSports 07-08-2020

WISE Ventures Esports Declares Its Expansion Into Rocket League

With the addition of this team, it will compete under a new brand that is Version1. It will include veteran talent along with former Cloud9 players such as Kyler “Torment” Storer, Alexandre “AxB” Bellemare and Jesus “Gimmick” Parra. What Led to the Formation of a New Team? This new team, Version 1 will play matches […]

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Reebok Collaborates with Athlane
eSports 04-08-2020

Reebok Collaborates with Athlane To Join With The Best Content Creators

Now, streamers have a huge opportunity to increase their potential in this field as several other types of entertainment are postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic. Although, it’s quite challenging to design and monetize an approach to play as well as stream video games for full time. Collaboration Of Brands And Streamers Michael Ivkov […]

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TSX Venture Exchange
eSports 29-07-2020

Luckbox Terminates its Oversubscribed Financing at £2.88 Million

It was revealed as a part of Luckbox’s listing on TSX Venture Exchange when a reserved ticker, Luck predicted about its financing. A Deal with Elephant Hill The oversubscribed financing was curated together with a capital pool company known as Elephant Hill which signed a deal with Luckbox in May. As per the deal, the […]

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esports award
eSports 24-07-2020

Prestigious Show Reveals Nominees of Esports Awards 2020

The exciting fifth esports award ceremony took place on July 23, 2020. In this prestigious esports event, the planners had also declared the second spotlight show of 2020. The planners had announced the finalists for distinct categories. Along with that, the show authorities have revealed news related to two new awards that had happened for […]

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esports forecast
eSports 21-07-2020

Newzoo Highlights Esports Forecast in Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Several reports related to the sports industry have revealed about the bright future of esports and video game contestants highlighted the great opportunities for the sector. Revenue Generation According to the latest market research and esports analytics, Newzoo published a report highlighting that the esports market will soon generate over $973.9 million in this year […]

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