Catching up on the points table; Manchester United Style

Catching up on the points table Man United Style
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Liverpool left its mark this year by winning the Premier League with a 33 point lead from Manchester United, which was in 3rd position. The victory has been included among the easiest league wins in Premier League’s history.

However, their dominance in this league won’t stop other clubs in displaying more competitive performance in the upcoming tournaments.

The Reds were on 5th position on the points table by 29th January, then came a turning point for United- a perfect player transfer. Bruno Fernandes was recruited in the team, bringing his share of skills to the club. With 18 assists & 32 goals recorded, Man United stepped up a tier on the table.

What were the consequences for Manchester United?

After Fernandes was transferred to the team, the club had 14 matches remaining in the 2019-20 Premier League. The Reds won 9 matches and were tied in 5 games; lost none. They also were able to secure 2nd place in scoring most goals in the league and allowed the least.

United’s celebrity mid-fielder, Paul Pogba, had recovered from his injury and bringing more advantages for the club. By the first weeks of February, Manchester United had climbed up on 3rd place on the table, leaving Chelsea & Leicester City behind. They might have lost the Premier League semis against Chelsea, but other leagues brought in more positive results for Man United.

They have swept past Club Brugge in UEFA Europa League and hit the Austrian Bundesliga’s first leg hard. After Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, Manchester United struggled in performing their best even though they finished in the top 3. With the appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the club has scored 42 points from their upcoming 33 matches in the leagues.

However, February brought some good news for the club as they have a fresh new player on their lineup. Fernandes’ addition to the lineup has brought home loads of benefits for the team. With Fernandes taking up effectively as an attacking midfielder, Marcus Rashford & Mason Greenwood will flank him up for support.

While Anthony Martial, forward player in United, will have extra backing and scoring opportunities. Bruno single handedly took 67 shots, which was 30 shots more than other players. He also provided quality assists to Rashford and Martial; reducing pressure on Nemanja Matic, Scott McTominay, and even Pogba.

With the newly reinforced defense, the Club has experienced a hike in their possession and on-target shot rates as well. Strategic planning and organized gameplay have brought Manchester United up in the competition. After his return, Pogba has been playing a different role for his team

While sticking-up with the defensive field-side, he has been included in the build-up gameplay of the team. Paul has increased his backward passes or passes to the attacking players. He has been covering full-field to assist his team and with the inclusion of Bruno- United has got an opportunity to tap into the new potential of its players.

They just have to maintain this strategy and performance to score best throughout the season. Only then, they will be able to keep moving towards the top positions. Manchester City has experienced many ups & downs this season; however, they have coped up and performed remarkably.

Man United has focused on getting better this league season, and have succeeded in it strikingly. With few injuries and downfalls, the club has strengthened its gameplay and strategies by adding Bruno to the team. This opportunity proved out to be beneficial for the team as they didn’t lose any match after Fernandes joined.

Overall, Manchester United will have to keep performing like this in Europa League and Austrian Bundesliga to restore their position among the clubs.

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