Jadon Sancho’s Message Against Racism After Euro 2021 Final – “Hate will never win!”

Jadon Sancho’s Message Against Racism After Euro 2021 Final – Hate will never win

Chosen by Gareth Southgate to take one of the penalties alongside Marcus Rashford and Bukayo Saka, he missed his shot just like his teammates. Like Rashford, he took the field in the 120th minute of extra time exclusively to participate in the penalty shoot-out. After his mistakes, they received racist comments.

“I am not going to pretend that I didn’t see the racial abuse that I and my brothers Marcus and Bukayo received after the game, but sadly it’s nothing new. As a society, we need to do better, and hold these people accountable. Hate will never win.” Sancho wrote on Twitter.

“To all the young people who have received similar abuse, hold your heads up high and keep chasing the dream. I am proud of this England team and how we have united the whole nation in what has been difficult 18 months for so many people, “he added.

In addition, he confirmed that the English team and society will build and learn from the experience of the Euro Cup “for the future” and wanted to thank all the positive messages and the “love and support” that have outweighed the negative ones. Sancho explained that he had two days to reflect on Sunday’s final and acknowledged that he still feels mixed emotions:

“I would like to apologize to all my teammates, the coaching staff and especially the fans I disappointed. This is by far the worst feeling I have ever felt in my career. It is even difficult to put it into words what I really feel, but there were so many positive aspects to take out of this tournament even though we think that the defeat will hurt for a long time.” he said.

Likewise, he indicated that his first thought before any game is destined to be whether he can help his team, whether he is going to score a goal or whether he is going to create chances. “That’s exactly what I wanted to do with my penalty, help the team. I was ready and confident to shoot it. These are the moments you dream of as a child, that’s why I play football. These are the pressure situations in which you want to be a football player. I have scored penalties before, at the club level, I have practised them countless times for both the club and the country, so I chose aside, but it was not meant to be this time. ” he declared.

“We all had the same ambitions and goals. We wanted to bring the trophy home. This has been one of the best camps I have been a part of in my career so far. The team bond has been unmatched, a true family inside and out of the field.”

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