$1.5 billion Pandemic Relief plan released by FIFA for audit & compliance to NFF

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On Wednesday, The Bureau of the FIFA Council approved of a revolutionizing idea and sanctioned COVID-19 relief fund directives.

Through this plan, the 211 members of the FIFA along with 6 confederations will raise $1.5 billion for eradicating the financial impact of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. This is done to promote the common welfare of the football community and the players.

Initially, the plan was designed by FIFA’s administration team coordinating with confederations from all continents. The package was officially reviewed and approved on 25th June 2020 by the FIFA Council. The international governing body for football is said to support national associations in their functioning. These funds will help the sports unions to adhere to the stringent measures for audit & compliance.

In their official statement, FIFA officials said that these directives are meant to create rigorous compliance & audit demands. They will also cover loan repayment terms and clear the due, only under the steering committee’s direction. Their massive funding plan will include assisting all professional female and male players along with other young & beginners of the game via this aid or grant.

Gianni Infantino, FIFA’s President, says that this relief package showcases the dedication, unanimity, and harmony their game brings in such turmoil. He further thanked the Bureau of the Council officials for supporting this decision, which promoted the well-being of all confederations & associations collectively.

What are the regulations stated for this COVID-19 Relief package?

The association is targeting appropriate use of finance along with repayment of loan terms; they will be assigning a novel steering committee on this task. The plan has been restructured into different stages to ensure that the funds are being put to the right cause. FIFA released the total operational cost and its distribution among the members in the first stage of plan execution.

Before receiving the financial aid, the member associations will be made responsible for the proper dispensation of the grants. However, each member is entitled to allot 50% of these funds to women’s football. The third stage of this plan included getting approval from the Council and allocating these funds accordingly.

These aids have been changed from ‘forward development project’ funds to the relief package. This decision will provide extensive support to the global football community. The $1.5 billion aid will have loan grants for members as well, although these will be restricted to 35% of their respective annual incomes.

Out of the total amount, FIFA will provide $1 million to the disposal of the member associations. For each confederation, FIFA Council has fixed a $2 million grant. Association aims to provide the complete fund by 2021 January, however, few services will be made accessible this month itself.

A $500,000 grant is specially selected for supporting women’s football associations and groups. However, for this, the associations will have to pledge on covering the comprehensive development of the game strategy and its inclusion. These must comprise all necessary details for the plan or strategy.

FIFA has also curated a plan for all its member associations to get ‘interest-free loans’; they can apply for support whenever they need. Through this, the association will ensure a minimum of $500,000 to $5 million worth loan available to all members. They have also decided on enabling this service to the confederations; they will get a maximum of $4 million loans.

By providing adequate financial support, FIFA members will restart their competitions, train the teams for tournaments, and infrastructure maintenance. They can also put these funds to work for recruiting & keeping staff, return-to-play protocols, operational charges, and for other administrative expenses.

Applicant members will have to submit their reports with requirements, demands, and all losses. FIFA will be coordinating with all members to adhere to the educational baseline and other specifications.

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