An Amended Version of Men’s Tennis Ranking Declared by ATP

Men's Tennis Ranking
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All Tennis tournaments and matches were put to a stop, like all other events, with the outbreak of COVID-19. The French Opens were rescheduled to September this year, however, Wimbledon was revoked by the officials taking into consideration the health hazards.

However, APT has finally ended the long wait and has broadcasted a revised ranking system for the World Rankings in Men’s Tennis.

These directives will be enacted and followed when the season resumes. APT Tours announcement highlights the ‘adjustments’ made in the calculation process for determining men’s world rankings in Tennis. Before these amendments, the rankings were provided based on the best 18 outcomes of the player’s 1-year playing session. However, this has now been changed to 22 months.

The International Tennis tournaments were stopped somewhere around March, and the fans, players, and other officials were waiting for further directions. APT’s official statement clearly states these revisions are only temporary and have been formed keeping into consideration ITF and 4 Grand Slam events.

These changes will only be applied to the current season. If the 2021 season is found affected by the coronavirus, further modifications to the rankings will be thought upon.

Tour also included how their calculation system was developed providing justness to the tennis players from different levels. They have also taken into account low scores and points of the players, as most matches or tournaments were canceled.

Novak Djokovic can take this as a second chance for him to utilize this extended timeframe to gain the first position on the table. He can make up for his loss from the US Open’s fourth-round and French Open’s semi-finals from last year.

For Rafael Nadal, this might affect his total score tally, since tournament scores will not be counted twice. However, he will still be the defending champion in French & US Opens in the upcoming months. Though, this might affect his New York Tour later.

Upon being asked about how they are planning to keep up the health & safety measures- the ATP Tour ensured that strict regulations will be followed. These will be based on the location of the event. And the final match will be held 14 days before the grand recommencement of the French Opens. They also clarified the Men’s Tennis Tour will restart with the Washington Opens from 14th August.

Another change in the line-up for Men’s Singles brought by ATP is that the finals will be held based on the player rankings in the first half of November. This will cover a player’s performance from this year as well as last year, i.e. 2019. This brings an advantage in the 8 finalist’s court from last year. The ranking for WTA Tour has not been declared yet, they might announce their ranking pattern after resuming the matches on 3rd august at Palermo.

What are the main features of these revisions?

  • The key aspects of the temporary amendments made by ATP are:
  • The ranking will be provided on the ‘Best 18’ match results that the player has played from March 2019 to December 2020.
  • The scores from the same tournaments/ matches shall not be counted twice in these best 18 results.

If the player has points added from tour-level tournaments in 2020, then these scores will be added till the player plays in that tournament again.

What are the Objectives of this new Ranking Process?

APT Tours revised Ranking System aims at:

  • Providing flexibility and fair play to the players from different levels; through their amended ranking process in the 2020 playing season.
  • Assist the players who do not qualify for playing in 2020 on safety & health grounds.
  • Make an adaptive and flexible ranking system, to ensure that their calculation process can undergo modifications in the future if needed.

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