Andrea Pirlo is Hired as the New Soccer Coach for First Team at Juventus

Andrea Pirlo Juventus
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A professional soccer club based in Italy, Piedmont and Turin, Juventus has recently hired Andrea Pirlo as its new coach and replaced Maurizio Sarri from the position.

He was hired right after following the Juventus’s Champions League elimination against Olympique Lyonnais.

Why Andrea Pirlo?

Andrea has a legendary career in soccer that has allowed him to succeed in major tournaments starting from the World Championship in 2006 to the top Champions League and more. He has also won two Super Cups and an Italian Cup.

Before becoming the manager, Andrea Pirlo was a professional player for the club called AC Milan. By far, he has won several league titles, a World Cup, and the Champions League. He was hired as the manager of this soccer club’s Under-23 team in July. He is now also appointed to fill the position of the coach for two years for the first team.

In a press release, Andrea Pirlo stated that it takes a lot to reach great heights. This is a new beginning of his career in the world of soccer. The soccer club sees Andrea as Zinedine Zidane. Zinedine was a former professional player who has achieved many victories at Real Madrid despite having no type of coaching experience.

Zinedine Zidane is the Ex- Juventus player and has achieved victory in two La Liga. Not just that, he also won three Champions League titles in two stints with the Spanish side since the time he joined the club.

A Natural Decision

Fabio Paratici is the chief soccer officer at Juventus. According to him, their decision to hire Pirlo as a head coach was very natural. This is because, being a professional Italian player, he played for them and always had interaction with everywhere at the club.

They believe that he deserves to be at this position due to his greatness and talent. Despite having all the qualities of a professional player, he can also perform well as a coach. He also added that, when Maurizio was at this position, the club suffered a round-of-16 exit French club.

Maurizio Sarri Relieved from his Position and Duties

Last week, the club declared that Maurizio Sarri has been set free from his position as a coach of the First Team. The entire family of Juventus is thankful for the coach to make history with the success of the ninth-consecutive championship and to reach all the divisions of soccer in his life.

In addition to gaining victory for a title in a ninth successive Series A in July, his team did not manage to assure the crisis at the time of his first season in charge. Their failure to play last season’s quarterfinals in the Champions League was the last opportunity for him.

Maurizio leaves the club with the victory of 34 wins in over 51 professional matches, nine defeats, and eight draws. His record of 83 points in this season’s Series A was at the lowest as compared with his nine-season run of titles. The club also lost the Coppa Italia final to Napoli as well as the Italian Supercup to Lazio.

After the club lost in Lyon, Maurizio said that if he was not wrecked by not qualifying, he could have been happy with his performance. Though, he believes that he and his team played a great match. If they wouldn’t lose a penalty kick, they could have won the match.

Meanwhile, the club’s chief, Andrea Agnelli thought that Cristiano Ranaldo would stay at the Juventus. A report also revealed that Ronaldo was looking to move to Paris Saint Germain.

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