Baffert’s Horses In Trouble Due To Consumption Of Banned Substances

horses in trouble
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Two of the most exclusive horses trained by Bob Baffert, who is also known as the Hall Of Famer have found to consume numbing agents. The second test conducted on the two horses has been came out to be positive. The test confirms the presence of a banned material in Arkansas.

The Horses

Two of the horses are called Charlatan and Gamine. Both have recently won renowned tournaments. Charlatan is said to have won the Arkansas Derby on May 2 and Gamine had won the Acorn Stakes, which was held on 20 June, in Belmont Park, New York.

The test was conducted with two samples from both the horses. The test concluded that a substance called lidocaine has been confirmed in the horses. Lidocaine is a numbing agent, as stated by an individual, who shared information regarding anonymity, as the case hasn’t been judged fully.

This is an anesthetic drug, which is classified by the Association of Racing Commissioners International as a class 2 drug. The association has also put a penalty on its use as a suspension for 15 to 60 days along with a fine of $500 to $1000 in case of the commitment of crime for the first time.

If the case is repeated and continued, then the horse will be certainly forfeited and completely banned. In the Arkansas Derby, Charlatan has made $300,000 for the two leading races he had participated in.

Baffert’s Call On The Test Results

According to Baffert’s attorney named W. Craig Roberston III, Baffert is planning to raise a dispute against the findings of the test. He states that Baffert is going to argue that the results were due to contamination in the environment done by the carelessness of one of his employees.

Also, Baffert has priorly utilized his right to perform a second test. The attorney states, the issue is not subjected to the intentional commitment of a crime, but a rare exposure which is done by mistake.

The legal use of the drug can be done in order to find out the sound condition of the horse and also to support stitches on the wounds. The drug can be found in ointments and other healing liquids and semi-liquids, which are used on the abrasions and cuts. The regulation of the drug is following its capacity to disguise dysfunction in an incapable horse.

Charlatan’s Injury

Four days later the victory in the Arkansas Derby for $500, 000, Charlatan’s stallion rights were sold to Hill ‘N’ Dale Farm for an undisclosed amount. The horse has to miss the Belmont Stakes following an injury in the ankle. Also, according to Baffert, the injury would certainly keep Charlatan away from the Kentucky Derby. The horse will be certainly seen back at the Preakness, which Is going to be held on Oct 3.

Similar Case Of Contamination Connected With Baffert

Apart from these two horses, Baffert had trained a Justify breed horse, who also failed his drug test back in 2018. The test was conducted after the horse had won the Santa Anita Derby, which had held a month before the Kentucky Derby. Justify had grabbed the triple crown by winning Preakness, Derby and Belmont Stakes in 2018.

Following his failure in the test, Justify was disqualified and not just that, but his entry in the Kentucky Derby along with his prize money from the Santa Anita Derby was confiscated. The test had been a matter of investigation for 16 weeks, which had allowed Justify to sweep the three tournaments.

The breeding rights of Justify had been sold for $60 million in August. Later, Baffert was employed by Chuck Winner, who was then chairman of the California Horse Racing Board.

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