Ban Imposed On A Jockey For Not Handling His Lame Horse During The Race

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A lot of effort has been put to get the horse in his form, and these efforts have been made at home as well as on the track.

A suspension of 10 days has been imposed on Nathan Moscrop on the evening of Tuesday in Perth. It was because he was unable to pull his horse when he was the only runner left on the track. The horse is said to become lame.

Nathan’s Horse “Im Too Gorgeous”

The horse called “Im Too Gorgeous” is trained by Rebecca Menzies and is the only finisher for the Handicap Chase of 9 Lives Challenge Novice. He is the only one, who has finished the 6 starters of the chase at 4.40.

The horse is just 10 years old and remained alone after his third jump from the home. However, he was handled by Nathan, who helped him to securely pass the rest of his jumps. However, when he reached the last fence, Im Too Gorgeous looked like going lame, which held the Jockey still at his post.

According to BHA Stewards report, the Jockey is held responsible for not being able to handle the winning horse. The report states that Moscrop was unable to dismount the horse after his gelding went lame on reaching the last fence.

The Incident

An interview was done with the veterinary officer, the rider, and the veterinary surgeon to understand the event. Apart from that, the recordings were also assessed. According to the statement given by the veterinary officer, the male horse was found to go lame in the last part of the race.

It resulted in the suspension of the rider for the coming 10 days. In a statement given by the partial owner of the horse, Im Too Gorgeous, named John Dance stated that the ban imposed on his rider has been extremely harsh.

Further Statement By John Dance

The horse has undergone some severe injury issues in the span of his career, which has led him to leave the track for around 4 years. John has also appreciated the efforts made by Moscorp in getting the horse back on track and giving his best.

Dance said that he believes it to be extremely wrong to put the rider on a ten-day ban. He said Moscrop is aware that he has managed to pass the last one. John said he was watching the race from his work and wasn’t able to see what happened after the line, although he disagreed to believe that Moscrop would take any step that would be wrong or not correct for the horse. Dance showed that the rider is very fond of his horse.

Dance said that Nathan had been concerned about the horse after the first run of his comeback. In the race, he fell to the very little part of ground and began to panic that made him pull the horse up. He thought it might be the horse, which is making inaccurate steps, and he was not willing to take any risks.

Horse’s Retirement

John Dance has also confirmed that the horse Im Too Gorgeous will retire after the win he had on Tuesday. It is because of the uncertainty regarding the injury in his tendon, which might increase. He also talked about his conversation with the Jockey.

He said they had a conversation in which Nathan seemed quite upset about the horse’s retirement. Dance said that it’s not believable that Nathan acted so insensibly that he didn’t catch the hold of the horse as soon as something felt wrong.

By paying salute to the horse, Dance continued that the horse deserves better and they should take the right steps towards the betterment of the Im Too Gorgeous.

He concluded that he had winners of Europe from Group 1, although when Im Too Gorgeous had got his first winning after facing so many barriers, it felt special, maybe because they have loved the horse a lot.

He said the horse had a longing, and he has allowed them to gain fame for a lot of highs, no matter what events or races they have been.

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