BetProtocol will organize a Webinar about Esports Betting on 22nd July to launch big Esports 1.0

Webinar about Esports Betting
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BetProtocol is a dynamic provider of blockchain frameworks for making gaming platforms. It will be hosting a webinar session on 22nd July to talk about Esports. They have also found this occasion fit for introducing their big Esports 1.0 to the market. This will be the official launch of their latest creation.

They have creatively labeled this webinar as- “Launch a Betting Business in The Booming Esports Market”. It aims to be an augmenting experience for all attendees and the gaming community. BetProtocol will add an extra flair to this webinar by officially unveiling its big Esports 1.0.

BetProtocol’s View At The Webinar Event

The group is targeting to make the most of this event and use its exposure for marketing 1.0 as well. Co-founder of BetProtocol, Justin Wu, has mentioned that this webinar will be based on showcasing the trailblazing potential of their platform. It will also include how BetProtocol can help businesses in having a successful launch of their esports offerings.

The webinar will cover several key insights on how esports & esports betting have to step into the mainstream rather than just being conventional entertainment forms. It will provide the audience with an in-depth look into the esports industry. The company is also trying to highlight the rapid growth of the esports market and its future assumptions.

Founder of BetProtocol and its team will be bringing attention to aspiring entrepreneurs, and how they can start a new business with a limited amount of capital. By this, they will also be able to streamline their revenue inflow throughout the process. BetProtocol is excited about this webinar launch and is putting all its efforts into this.

To add to this announcement, Justin Wu says that they will also be talking about running costs and how to ensure the inflow of income from the first day. They will be expressing their view on an average user’s lifetime value in this online session. This will include the management of wagers & users based on their client portal in service.

What did their Twitter handle say?

BetProtocol group has posted about this webinar and big Esports 1.0 launch from its Twitter account on 6th July 2020. The post interactively informed about the official webinar and revealed the launch of the awaited big Esports 1.0. The spot also included an engaging deal for all esports-fans, gamers, and other audiences.

The company has offered a gift of 1,000 BEPRO tokens to the participants of the webinar. And one lucky winner will receive a $1,000 reward in BEPRO. Retweeting their post will also enable the prospects to win a $50 prize. This information was followed by a registration link.

The post clearly states that this event will help the gamers reach out to larger opportunities & possibilities in the esports betting market. BetProtocol is preparing for highlighting their latest and functional Esport technology in front of a global audience. Through this, they are aiming to bring a change to the esports arena.

What will BetProtocol cover in this webinar?

Few points that BetProtocol will talk about in this webinar are:

  • Sharing elaborate data of the Esports industry
  • Causes of growth of Esports betting market at a rate of 40% per year
  • How to set up your own betting business?
  • Expenses of creating Esports betting platforms with BetProtocol’s framework
  • Generating revenue from the first day of business setup
  • Recurring costs and income

Recently, BetProtocol has been working in collaborations frequently. By this, they are assisting their partners in setting a gaming business through proprietary software, which is designed by their company. They have successfully worked and launched several gaming websites for esports betting.

Their big Esport 1.0 focuses on elevating this experience and making the esports betting more modern and interactive for all operators and players.

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