Bugha Is Been Announced The First Addition To VaynerGaming’s Esports Pro

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On 14th July 2020, VaynerSports had come up with this exciting news for all its users. They had announced launching a new venture, which is nothing else but the addition of an esports player.

After the announcement made by VaynerGaming regarding this grand entrance in the arena of esports betting, the agency had made it official to its team’s logo. They have called him the best Fortnite talents present, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

VaynerSports was introduced to the industry in 2016 with an aim to enhance the appeal of athletes with exclusive presentations. The company handles all sorts of endorsement propositions, social media promotion, and marketing consultation, in order to extend support to players in terms of their business based decisions.

Entering into esports was quite intuitive as the companies reflect their ambitions and prospects by signing Bugha from the Esports industry.

17 Year Old Fortnite World Champion

Popularly known as Bugha, Kyle Giersdorf has become a prominent esports star after securing his exclusive title of the ultimate Fortnite champion. His performance with astounding quick build skills along with predictions has eliminated all his opponents. His clever strategies combined with amazing performance have made him the world champion of Fortnite. Also, he had received a massive cash prize worth $3 million.

Following his major win, he had created a brilliant fanbase and reputation, which has further made him the leading player in the esports market.

Despite being the world champion, Bugha still shows disappointment in some of the aspects of Fortnite. Although, these disappointments and complaints haven’t stopped him from winning consecutively in the Fortnite games. Most of his fellow professional Fortnite players have considered him a great competition and certainly a constraint in their victory.

The fellow players are found not entirely happy about Bugha’s participation in various Fortnite tournaments. Bugha’s participation comes through Sentinels, however, VaynerGaming has renegotiated the contract to sign the young player.

VaynerGaming’s Venture In Esports

The previous reports have reflected that with a surge in the spread of pandemic across various parts of the world, esports has enhanced its stakes. The stocks and revenue are going on all time up and most importantly, the investors are found seeking more avenues to invest in the esports industry.

Some of these stakeholders and investors are even trying to mix up the esports industry with celebrities and sports players like Drake, David Beckham, Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, and more. Although, when talking about success in esports, it’s significant to note there is something beyond money, which makes esports successful.

The CEO of VaynerSports, Gary Vaynerchuk states that he has been observing the gaming industry for more than a decade now. He has followed several trends and has created a number of relationships. According to Gary, the most exciting thing about the gaming industry lies within the gamers themselves.

He says, when he pays attention to the cultural aspect of the sector, he finds that the interest of athletes, celebrities, and artists is quite big towards the industry. Coming to the contract signed by VaynerSports for Bugha, he says it is an important deal for the growth of his company.

Indeed the esports industry revolves around its players. Their performance and determination to attain the title help them present their personality and create a massive fanbase. Such things are also exclusive in order to make the gaming market successful and profitable. Instead of sports, the two most significant factors behind the growth of Esports is firstly esports itself and secondly digital marketing.

VaynerGaming indicates that they rightly understand this concept and in order to achieve growth, signing Bugha is the first step towards esports.

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