David Beckham comes forward to speak on Mental Health, among the Football players, with Prince William

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The revolutionary Mentally Healthy Football Declaration has been launched recently by Prince William. This declaration was endorsed by several pioneers of football in the UK.

It is being said that this proclamation would be the zenith point of the Heads Up campaign, which has been underway through the season. However, its process was disrupted by the ongoing pandemic.

Over the years, Prince William has been fervently advocating the mental well-being problems, and his concerns have increased during the COVID-19 crisis. To resolve this, the British royalty has stepped forward to talk about this subject again. He successfully set up a conference call with several football legends and athletes to speak on mental health and its prioritization in sports.

With his conversation with star footballer- David Beckham, William tried to bring the mental health requirements of the players into the limelight. The 38-year old British Prince considers sports as an effective solution for ensuring the mental wellness of people. Former footballer talked about his faults in the 1998 league and how it changed him.

What were David Beckham’s views?

David Beckham, the football icon, took up this opportunity to speak on the mistake he made during the 1998 World Cup; after he got a red card during the match. The player was made to sit out in a crucial game of England against Argentina. He got several negative reviews and “brutal” comments for that.

David added that thankfully social media was non-existent or else he would have to go through a more difficult phase. He said that he was lucky to have a strong ‘support system’ in the form of his family, team manager, and his team- Manchester United. However, the player also said that he was not ok with talking about what he was feeling or what he was experiencing.

It was a different year and he had to keep everything bottled up and fight alone. But he surely feels affluent to now be talking about this openly and teaching other young members of the community. Expressing what you feel is important, he added. Beckham added that it is alright to show and talk when you have a guilty conscience. You should talk about these emotions or feelings with your close friends or family.

Stepping up and talking about what you feel bad about is not wrong, and neither is seeking help for it. He encouraged people to be vocal about their mental wellness and get proper support. Beckham spoke about his failure in 1998 and connected his story to how getting help for ensuring mental health is important- not from professionals but majorly from the people close to us.

How did the Conference Call conclude?

Prince William thanked all the officials & players who accepted this invitation and responded actively. The call was attended by various famous soccer stars and other professionals. William said that he hopes everyone understands the true meaning behind this call and makes progress towards having better mental well-being.

Another popular player who joined the call was Steph Houghton, a player from Manchester City & England teams.

During the call, Steph said that being a leader a person always tries to stay strong and positive at all times, however, in reality, the day can turn bad sometimes. Being a leader, you always strive to make the best environment for others, where they feel confident enough to express their “vulnerability” and still be welcomed.

This is when the true potential of a person is tested, and if the things don’t go the way you wanted them to- showing your sadness is ok.

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