Esports Entertainment to Gain Flip Sports Assets

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One of the leading esports companies, Esports Entertainment Group has recently signed and accepted a letter of intent (LOI) in order to gain assets of mobile games studio, Flip Sports. Despite acquiring its assets, the company also gained access to its staff as well as intellectual property.

However, the terms of the agreement between the two have not been revealed yet. Its intellectual property and staff will come all under its control after the closing of the deal.

The Purpose behind Acquiring the Assets

Esports Entertainment is dedicated to focusing on cutting edge 18+ gaming solutions along with esports wagering. It recently noticed that FLIP Sports is an entrepreneurial and dynamic mobile games studio. The studio provides a rich experience to its fans and makes them more engaging for live sports.

Flip Sports has its proprietary in-play as well as peer-to-peer technology through which it offers exclusive and innovative multi-platform second-screen experience to its users. It provides a social, entertaining and competitive gaming environment for wagering and fun-seeking sports enthusiasts who can enjoy watching live events and sports.

The agreement is made after the company successfully completed the acquisition of an online gaming and betting operator known as Argyll Entertainment along with its subsidiaries. It now aims to pursue M&A activity by establishing a partnership with Akur Capital. By partnering with leading capital markets advisers, they can identify more additional deals.

Esports Entertainment Intends to Expand Its Esports Platform

John Brackens is the CIO/CTO at Esports Entertainment Group. According to him, the team and members at Flip Sports are experts in developing iGaming platforms. Their platforms take the sports players to new heights while making the fans more engaging towards several games.

The company’s expertise and knowledge of designing such innovative games will fortify their efforts in the field of esports. It will assist them to build world-class extensive experience for all the esports fans out there.

Grant Johnson is the CEO at Esports Entertainment Group. According to him, Flip Sports has a seasoned team of members along with its proven industry experience. They expect to offer huge value to Esports Entertainment Group. This way, the company will gain tremendous opportunities and reach new heights.

He also added that they are among the first US-based iGaming firms to make a top place on NASDAQ. They are at great heights to exploit and capitalize on the esports market. They are also looking to continue addressing acquisition opportunities. Flip Sports is the perfect decision to make them reach the next milestone.

Esports Entertainment Rings the Nasdaq Closing Bell

The company had rung the Nasdaq closing bell in July 2020. To celebrate this grand occasion, the CEO joined other team members and employees from all across the world. The CEO is delighted for gaining this huge achievement and successfully listing the name of the company on Nasdaq.

For the company, it was their long-term aim to develop and grow in the world of iGaming, betting and esports. They are thankful to the stakeholders, partners and employees for supporting them throughout this journey.

About Esports Entertainment Group

Esports Entertainment Group is a licensed esports firm that specializes in providing pools, fantasy, exchange style wagering and fixed odds on esports events in a secured and regulated manner. It provides these services to the worldwide esports audience.

Moreover, the company motivates users from all across the world to participate in PC video and multiplayer mobile gaming tournaments. It is driven by a professional team of experts from the video game and online gambling industries as well as esports.

The firm holds the license to operate gaming on a regular basis across the Netherlands and Curacao.

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