German Government & Soccer Teams working together to get spectators on the stands

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The first European Soccer League to recommence after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic was Bundesliga. The players have resumed their practices on the field and the league will start shortly. They are planning to allow fans and other supporters to spectate.

Other European leagues were stuck in a dilemma whether to start the matches or not, Germany outshined them by resuming the league. Their delay has given rise to conflicts between clubs and their players. Bundesliga restarted its functioning with a well-planned strategy, while the world came to a stop.

After meeting with German Football League (DFL), the German government and states have decided to wave a green flag for the league to start. They have further stated their prospects about giving Bundesliga entry to the matches. However, the specifications about the same are yet to be declared.

With precautions, planning, and safety measures, the return of the German league will be watched closely. All other major leagues, even FIFA, have stopped all their games to keep up with the current demand of time. Therefore, the German League taking such a decision has given a spark of hope to the fans.

The Men’s Soccer League has been continuously working with the national government for this restart. Getting fans in the stadium can be a risky call. Therefore, they have been paying with strict attention to the admittance of the viewers and their safety.

What does the League say about this?

German Football League’s CEO, Christian Seifert says that all their ideas and plans about restarting the league have been put in government’s attention. He also added that since all mass events have been discontinued till 31st October, they needed to take permission from the authorities. This was done to ensure that a few attendees are given a chance to witness the game.

The League officials have been working on the directives and suggesting measures to the Federal Ministry of Health, to gain their approval. CEO Seifert further says that all plans about permitting the spectators will be based on multiple factors. These might include the rate of infection in the local area, venue layout, seating availability, provided sanction, and more.

He said that all fans or spectators allowed will have to maintain “a lot of discipline” and follow the conduct in the future. He praised the people’s awareness of not accumulating outside the host stadiums. Following their lead, several other top clubs are showing interest in organizing games with fewer or no people on the stands.

How many people will be allowed?

Based on the statement released by local health officials, the authorities have approved for 21,000 people. This is approximately half of the Red Bull Arena’s total capacity. All spectators will have to maintain socially distanced seating, wear masks, and follow other guidelines for health & safety.

For the playing teams, it is estimated that around 240 people will be permitted inside the team common rooms. These will include team players, production staff, health & medical staff, management officials, and coaching staff from both sides. The stadium administration will have two groups set up during the matches.

This will include a team to look over the basics for organizing the game, while others will take care of the hygiene and training of players. The second team will also take care of checking the players for virus-positive signs. With all the arrangements in position, German League will still have its original flair missing with less audience.

Christian Seifert also mentioned that German Football League matches are known for hosting the highest number of spectators in the whole of Europe. However, with the present scenario, the stands might be empty as compared to the generous amount of audience visiting every year.

The game will mostly be enjoyed by TV, although few people might have the opportunity to experience the league in a whole new look this year.

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