Grand Slam Icon- Stefan Edberg calls Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic remarkable for the game!

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The former Grand Slam player and legend, Stefan Edberg, has called Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer “incredible for tennis”. Currently, Federer is on the top of the lead table with unbeaten 20 Slams. However, he is closely trailed by the other two players, Nadal having 19 Slams and Djokovic with 17. Novak is the youngest tennis player of this ‘Big 3’.

Altogether the Big 3 has a total of 56 Slam titles as they have been playing in the major tournaments for past the 15 years. This has made the audience perception of the game being ‘too predictable’. However, Roger will not be returning on court before 2021 starts since he has recently undergone a double operation for his right knee. This could give Nadal a chance to balance his scores at the Roland Garros this year.

Other than being a winner of 6 Grand Slam titles, Edberg is also, at present, coaching Roger. He says that over the last decade, World Tennis has seen 3 or 4 players who have taken over the game. He states clearly that there are only three players- Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic- winning the Slam titles. However, he also adds that these three players are ‘incredible’ for the game.

Regardless of being a coach to one of the Big 3 players and fan of the other two, Stefan says that he is longing for a new tennis star to give these three tough competitions. It is also important for the game’s integrity and originality.

He clearly states that a rookie winner would bring balance in the so-called polarization of Tennis matches. He agrees that the new player might struggle in the initial stages as they will have to winSlam and couple other wins for getting the attention of the global tennis audience.

What are Nadal’s odds for winning?

A game analyst- Annabel Croft, points out that, if Nadal wants to secure his chances of winning the French Opens then he might have to give up on the US Open title. Rafael had a great game year for 2019 by claiming his 19th Grand Slam Title by winning both French and the US Opens. However, with the latest revisions in the points table and postponement of French Opens due to pandemic has brought Nadal to a deciding point.

Although he is not alone, many other tennis players have been put in this position. They have to make up their minds since the US and French Opens are both in two different parts of the world and are played on different surfaces. Another deciding factor is that both these tournaments are just a couple weeks apart.

Annabel Croft says that the players will only get a 2-week gap between the US and the French Open. Hence, players will have a decisive moment and choose the tournament which they should participate in. Another influencing aspect is Roger’s non-participation; it could act as an advantage for most players in the US Open.

This might affect Nadal the most because French grounds are his strong points. Therefore, he will have to decide whether he is willing to risk his 20th Title by playing matches on foreign courts and then take part in the French Open. Or he can skip US Open and train himself for the French Open tournament.

Croft further says that players will try to get into both tournaments, as this sounds the best alternative. But these players might not be able to give their best in the second Open. As the gap between two tournaments is less, the players can get exhausted by playing in the US Open and will have to start on the new ground without proper rest.

It can be a turning point in Rafael Nadal’s tennis career, and many other players, as the US Open may give fruitful results.

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