Health Official Disagrees with Plans of Soccer Club For its Fans In Germany

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The health officials in Germany have rejected the plans of professional soccer club to enable its fans at a professional association soccer league, Bundesliga. The new session of the soccer league is set to take place in September.

Now, it will be seen as the professional players competing against one another without any appreciation of their fans inside the stadium.

Jens Spahn is the health Minister of Germany. According to him, after looking at the current crisis, a number of soccer fans won’t be allowed inside the stadium. This measure is taken by following the safety and health rules set by the government amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. He states that he isn’t ready to take any kind of risk.

Proposals Set By the Clubs

The 36 clubs in the country’s top two divisions had been scheduling to include a minimal number of audiences inside the stadium, so that they could maintain social distancing. Last week, the clubs had drafted a proposal that enlists a complete ban on the soccer fans, especially in the stands of the stadium.

In addition, it also proposed a prohibition on the sales and consumption of alcohol. They also mention personalized tickets to assist with contact tracing. However, these plans and proposals have been criticized by the audience.

Jens Spahn also added that the concept proposed by the league is good in theory, but what happens daily in practice is more imperative. On Monday, in a tweet, he stated that it is important for the players as well as fans to stay alert and protected. Moreover, the involvement of spectators in the stands might be the wrong choice in the present situation.

Consultation Among the German Health Ministers

The 16 health ministers of Germany met on August 10 and agreed with the decision that the audience inside the stadium of major league games isn’t a priority. The country had already recorded about 217,835 positive cases of COVID-19. The country has also registered over 9,203 deaths from COVID as compared to its other neighbouring countries such as Spain, France and Italy.

However, with such strict measures and prevention, there has been a slight decline in COVID cases.

In the first week of August, the country marked its highest everyday tally of new COVID in the three months. According to the Robert Koch Institute, over 1,045 cases were found last Wednesday. Since May 7, it has recorded more than a thousand active cases per day.

Dilek Kalayci is the health senator in Berlin. In a press release on Monday, he said that all the German health ministers have come to a like-minded decision that the stadium must remain closed for all the soccer fans. He also added that fans will not be permitted inside the stadium until the situation becomes normal like before.

He further added that, as per the health policy, they are not in the favour of reopening the stadium at least until October. In October, there will be again a consultation for the opening of the stadium.

The governor of Bavaria, Markus Söder is among the one who also approved for the resuming of Bundesliga without any fans and audience. He understands that the major leagues were already halted from the last three to four months due to the pandemic. After the long break, all the professional players are eagerly waiting to play the match.

He also concluded that enabling fans to enter inside the stadium during the beginning of the new season could also sent the wrong signal.

This would be a devastating message for the audience regarding both aspects such as cultural events and medical capacities.

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