House of Lords might impose a ban on all Gambling Sponsorship

ban on all Gambling Sponsorship
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A report has been recently sent to the House of Lords, which may force them to take necessary action and place a ban on gambling sports and sponsorship.

Concentrating on the harmful effects of gambling, the House might curate a committee to address these concerns. This committee will target the economical and social effects of the gambling industry.

The British House of Lords has suggested the UK government to stop the gambling companies from promoting sports events or teams. This would be a way of showing their confrontation with the gambling-based problems in UK society. The House’s committee supported their reasoning by saying that under the Gambling Act of 2005, gambling was made more liberal.

However, since gambling sports are easily available on mobile phones or online, the committee says that the companies have started a “perfect storm” of problems. The increased use of “soft-touch regulation” by such companies has increased the gambling issues in the UK. Former Chairman of BBC & ITV, Lord Grade is appointed as the Chairperson of this committee.

Under his direction, the committee has given 66 recommendations. They have urged the Gambling Commission- industry regulation body, and state government to follow. Committee further supports that these are for the welfare and overall benefit of the customers.

How will these bring a change?

Gambling companies have given funding for loads of gambling or esports. Not just that, they have been sponsoring several tournaments from all over the world as well. There are certain teams or individual players that have received their support. For instance, Ninjas in Pyjamas is a sponsored esports team that gets its financial backing from Betway, an online betting website.

The committee under the chairmanship of Lord Grade has been constantly working and focusing on sports betting. They have submitted these recommendations to the government and regulation board. However, their recommendations have a huge effect on the online gambling and betting industries.

These recommendations have effectively presented that all gambling endorsements should be discontinued or removed from the process. This will include sponsorship apparel, merch, team-wear, uniforms, and more. The esports merchandise and gaming wear industries might undergo an indirect slow-down impact.

What will be the outcome?

Based on their recommendations, the UK government has ensured that they will review these suggestions and take measures accordingly. These might start by stopping the issues that are generated from unruly and wild gambling practices. This review will straightaway target sports betting, which can bring detrimental consequences for the esports and betting industries.

On the contrary, over the years the sports betting has deepened its roots in society and experienced a boost in growth for the last 10 years. Additionally, there are proof of betting issues in esports that bring out the fact that there are fraudsters.

One such evidence for the betting scam was observed in the NA Summer Shuffle. By including this point in their recommendation, the committee aims at pointing out the insecurity of the customers or consumers.

As a matter of fact, controllable or not, excessive gambling and esports is a major yet underrated issue. These problems are hugely different from traditional sports betting. The state government has been trying to put a stop on gambling for quite some time now.

They consider these as a source that is promoting social issues, which has been widely termed as ‘convenient scapegoat’. These recommendations submitted by the House of Lords are aiming to remove betting and gambling. However, these might get opposed by many famous sports organizations like the Premier League.

The government is now entitled to establish proper balance in the sports betting companies and the events or teams that they sponsor. Although, their decision remains pending. Their stand on gambling and sponsorships will bring change in the UK betting industry.

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