Javier Tebas warned by Manchester City; Critics may have to deal with legal actions for CAS ruling

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Man City might be taking legal action against the La Liga President, Javier Tebas Medrano. After his latest statement on the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling, the ban on the Champions League was dissolved.

Over the years, Javier has been seen openly criticizing City’s constant conflicts.

He has commented on their disagreements on ‘Financial Fair Play’ with the Football Authorities. The City had been vocal about the Authorities’ demeanor on sponsorship. Tebas had also been among the first few to express their views on the UEFA Ban’s expulsion; he said that it was wrong.

To defend themselves, Man City has released an official notice against all critics who have pointed them out at fault for deceiving on the Financial Fair Play regulations. Although, Javier Tebas is in full confidence that the club has gone against the rules and the CAS ruling. Based on this ruling, the clubs or teams failing to comply will have to pay a lump-sum fine.

The club was cleared of UEFA’s claims after their session on Monday. The Blue’s said that they receive sponsorship revenue under a disguised owner investment. Hence, their fine was reduced down to two-third of the actual penalty; applied for trying to interrupt the investigation.

However, this had not affected the conduct of all the critics- including officials and managers from opponent clubs, media, and the President of La Liga. He has been an adversary of the Man City club for a long time, accusing them of different allegations. His long list of accusations covers how City was using petro-dollars to gain success in their European football career.

Last year, after taking in multiple hits from Tebas, the Man City Chairman was forced to give a reaction. Chairman- Khaldoon Al Mubarak called Javier a sanctimonious person. He further added that Spanish clubs have always been the first ones to pay the transfer fees for inflationary records.

What are the reactions to CAS’s judgment?

Javier Tebas did not waste his precious time and called the Court of Arbitration for Sport unfit of making decisions autonomously. He still stands against the CAS’s decision on City’s ruling. He also said that City clubs might do more in the future if not penalized now.

Tebas added that City’s punishment from UEFA was not a ‘surprise’ for many clubs playing in European leagues. He said that a few people might be happy with the judgment, however, the large state-owned teams will now be shown justice. This isn’t the first time Tebas has openly expressed his ‘disagreement’ with Manchester City’s stands.

Javier boldly commented that Man City will be taking part in the Champions League for the upcoming seasons. Not because they have been working ‘properly’ but because CAS took a wrong call. He will be waiting for the final resolution by the Court of Arbitration for Sport to be released.

The President did not stop there, he continued accusing CAS and even called it ‘dead’. Tebas said that he had been unsure of CAS for a long time now; not only for their resolution but more. He further claimed that the authority displayed no transparency and does not stand for what it should.

How does Manchester City react?

After having a proper discernment of Javier Tebas’s statements, City has put its Legal team on work. City’s officials say that they are well-aware of Javier’s comments against them and CAS. And that this has been ongoing ever since the Court of Arbitration for Sport gave a decision in their favor.

They also said that these false claims are impairing the Club’s reputation. The Club is constantly coordinating with their lawyers to design a plan for getting reparation for all allegations.

Man City has worked on their statements and delivered a written warning to such critics with a warning of possible Legal Action if their conduct persists.

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