Kiwis Received Green Signal For Spring Racing

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Recently, in Waikato there is a sigh of relief for all the horse trainers who received an exemption for their staff to travel to Australia.

Cambridge trainer Tony Pike who is the leader of Trainers Association in New Zealand is among the one who announced this news. He had already booked tickets for his two staff to move across Tasman.

Pike Allows Horses To Travel In Australia

He said if the travel exemptions were declared in the morning, he could have sent some of his staff before and now could have some staff to leave on Friday. Another trainer, Chris McNab will go along with them. He will run the ship and join Matthew Ward as the trackwork rider.

Australian spring arsenal of Pike will be scheduled by several winners including Bostonian. He will be seen to target the Gr.1 Winx Stakes and run on the race track which is about 1.4 km at Randwick next week.

At this stage, he is going to have a full-speed ride on this Thursday at Te Aroha. The overseas horse will arrive on Friday and they may be placed in the two weeks quarantine. Bostonian will travel on Monday and fill the race track in the Winx Stakes on Saturday. Ward and McNab will undergo two-week quarantine, except Kiwi Bjorn Baker.

Pike added that he had a consultation with Bjorn’s trainer. The trainer is very delighted to look after him and move him to the Winx Stakes. Once he reaches there, he won’t be required to do anything during next week. After they are out of the quarantine, they will soon join the Winx Stakes.

Pike will be seen with other stable runners that will also travel to Australia if they perform well in the upcoming weeks. He is also grateful for his horses heading over Australia. At the end of the month, there will be just 2-3 to perform the trail. If they seem to perform well, then they will head for the minimum stake races.

It’s a huge impost on Matt and Chris. However, they are eager to run the track. Once the base is prepared and scheduled properly, they will begin to send them for the next month.

Catalyst to Take a Long Break For The Event

Sydney barn of Pike will get a significant boost with the involvement of Catalyst in September. Moreover, Trainer Clayton Chipperfield will be unable to fly Sydney so Pike will take the responsibility to look after the existing gallopers during the upcoming spring campaign. Catalyst will join them when they all are settled there.

According to Rick Williams, Catalyst won’t race until mid of September until it becomes his stable foreman. It is followed by everyone, where he also requires to be resting during this spring. He has got three races to trace scheduled and they are excited to see how it takes place.

Andrew Scott is the trainer in partnership with Lance O’Sullivan. He was also delighted when he got the news about the travel exemptions. Wexford Stables will feature Sir Charles Road in Australia and he will most likely join stablemate Dragon Leap.

Scott further added that they may not reach till September but still they have got something great to begin the process. Ellen Osbornewill goes on behalf of them. They always used to stay together, but now Charles Road is not present at the moment. He is running the track on Saturday which is 1.4 Km in the Spring Preview Handicap.

Scott was delighted with Dragon Leap last week and is eagerly waiting for the dual Group Two winner.

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