Love will be the favorite of Prix de l’Arc- Says Dettori

Prix del Arc
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While Dettori has been paired up with Enable, winner of Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe twice, he called Love the favorite horse of the race. With jockey Aidan O’Brien, Love and Enable will have a face-off at the French Derby Open.

Frankie says that he is looking forward to observing an amazing race among the best of the best.

He said while Enable has equal potential, Love has been the favorite horse for the contest. However, the pair will still be preparing for their race against O’Brien’s Love. Many people have been commenting about their clash and stating their views about the same.

Ever since she won in Oaks back in 2017, Enable has gained the spotlight for her competitors and fans. Love, on the other hand, has cleared her Arc preparation with the best scores from Yorkshire Oaks. This could be a reason why Aidan O’Brien proposed this race as a challenge for Dettori.

Enable will race against Love in 7lb weight allowances at the ParisLongchamp Racecourse. This could be an opportunity for Dettori to drive more recognition and weightage against the young gun. There are high chances of Enable winning in the Arc.

What more did Frankie say?

In his latest interviews, Dettori expressed that while he was in France, he had seen many races done in York. He said that various jockeys and their horses did great and their performance was commendable. Frankie also talked about his upcoming race against the young horse Love and her jockey Aidan O’Brien.

He said he was impressed by the way she won Yorkshire Oaks with 5 lengths and Oaks with 9. Frankie also mentioned watching Love’s Guineas race, whether she secured a victory by four and a quarter length. He also mentioned that Love deserved to be a part of the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe; she had earned her spot in the Prix.

Dettori added that it would be an exciting race, one of the best he has done in Europe. The pair will be training more and give this competition their best shot. The jockey also praised his horse, Enable, and called her a strong filly.

Enable will make anything possible for the duo if she gives it her best shot. Upon being asked about the future plans, Dettori said that they will target getting in Breeders’ Cup after Cheveley Park. However, the rest has been left to the trainer and owners of the horse.

After having a successful season in France, Dettori has made his way back to the British grounds. He is really excited about being given an opportunity to ride the six-year-old horse at Kempton this weekend. Frankie called Enable a “special” horse and that he would have taken up this opportunity always.

He says that whether it is the Kempton’s wrap-up race or the main competition at Arc, he will never miss this chance to ride Enable.

Love’s Preparation

One the other hand, Love and her jockey have been preparing actively for their upcoming race with Enable. Being one of the top favorites of the Prix de l’Arc, her preparations and training have been started comprehensively. After her win at the Yorkshire Oaks, it is being expected that the sides will give out an amazing competition.

The race will be organized on 4th October this year, which provides both horses enough time to rest, train, and give their best. Frankie showcased his interest as they will be having an amazing competitor to race against.

This could result in the 3rd win for Enable or go the other way around; Frankie Dettori is keen to find out and perform well.

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