Manchester City is Crunching Numbers To Sign a Deal with Lionel Messi

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While various steps are mandatory to make partnership a reality, Manchester City are most likely to do their due diligence covering a professional Barcelona star, Lionel Messi.

According to Faez and Llorens, Manchester City team is crunching the numbers to analyze whether they could sign Lionel Messi while remaining within UEFA’s Financial Fair Play guidelines.

Manchester City knows that any deal with Lionel Messi is quite complicated and are looking to get prepared for it. They are aware of the cost which will be covered if Barca accepts to sell at a cost-effective rate. The official stance of Barca is that Lionel is not for sale and any party will have to refer to his release clause which is over €700 million.

Messi Wants To play at High Level

Recently, ESPN has revealed that there are some interested board members, who will open to sell him to Argentina International if Messi decides to exit. This way the money will be again invested in forming a team.

Lionel Messi is out of contract this year and he had met his new coach, Ronald Koeman to discuss his future. Some of the sources have said to ESPN that Messi has expressed his doubts regarding his stay at Camp Nou. He discusses how he had defeated Bayern Munich by 8-2.

At the age of 33, Lionel Messi is aware of the fact that he has only a few more years to be at the top level. In this journey of remaining years, he wants to make sure that his last final seasons are spent well at the club by playing and achieving some biggest rewards.

According to his thoughts, there are few clubs that have the capability to provide him with what he wants even before raising the issue of the price of the transfer and annual salary.

As per the coach of Paris Saint Germain, after successfully deafening Bayern on Sunday, Messi would be heartily welcomed and honoured at the French club. Thomas Tuchel also adds that he can conclude his career at Barcelona. The several sources of Manchester City have also discussed the same thing.

According to coach Pep Guardiola, he is not interested in signing Messi because he knows he will stay and build his career at Barca.

However, the other sources have also confirmed to ESPN that Manchester City has always closely followed the condition of Messi and are eagerly trying to pay the cost associated with the deal.

Messi to Decide his Final Move

Manchester City will be seen in this season’s Champions League. He had previously lost the match against Lyon but knows that, after the arrival of a soccer star, they could enhance their chances of winning the matches of European Cup.

Several financial experts have consulted that the move of Lionel Messi is currently not viable for any of the clubs. This is because clubs are already facing a huge impact following COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the finances of the City are not up to a significant level from the past few months.

Now, the City will have to convince Barca in order to negotiate Lionel’s exit at a lower price than his €700m clause. Moreover, Barca is eagerly waiting for his decision.

According to Messi, he and his entire family are happy and satisfied in Barcelona where he has spent his twenty years. However, he is also affected by the Bayern humiliation and now seeks to do a new sporting project.

If he does not decide to move to City, he would connect with one of his close friends, Sergio Aguero. His coach named Guardiola guided him to win two Champions Leagues.

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