Many Tennis Players are Forced To Opt Europe over US Tournaments

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Top seed Italian tennis player, Matteo Berrettini has shared his opinions on what matches to play and which one has issues. According to him, he feels like playing the US Open.

However, he is doubtful and worried about the quarantine. Players at top levels are always keen to play grand tournaments through which they earn a great reputation, achieve titles and prizes and go to the next level.

Players Are Facing Challenges Due to the Pandemic

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has changed. The current crisis has adversely affected the tournaments in terms of practice, fans, and a lot more. Playing a tournament and traveling to New York or anywhere in the United States has always been a great experience in itself. Players generally opt the US Open as after die-hard practice they have the capability to explore the diverse environment across that region.

After the restrictions imposed by the local government, it has become quite difficult. According to Berrettini, playing tournaments in Europe is not that easy. The players first have to move to the US and then return after two-week quarantine. Due to this inconvenience, most of the players miss the major French Open and Italian Open in Rome.

A British tennis player, Andy Murray who also comes under the best top five tennis players has not played any tournament since November 2019 due to hip injury. However, he did a few exhibitions for some of the top events. In the media, he says that before they leave for the tournament, the players will get assurance that when they return back from the US, they won’t be quarantined for 14 days.

Every player feels the same and would not make a critical choice. At WTA, top seed Ashleigh Barty could only reach up to 16 rounds at the New York Slam in 2019. She is now left with the choice of playing only Southern and Western tournaments.

According to her, she loves both the events but for her, it was a quite tough decision to play matches amidst the pandemic. She adds that there are a lot of risks associated with playing the match. She is also not comfortable to allow her team to play on her behalf.

Stacey Allaster is the director of the U.S. Open tournament. According to her, she respects the decision taken by the players. She wishes luck for Ashleigh and hopes to see her playing again.

Rafael Nadal comes to Several Conclusions

According to Rafael Nadal, it is the most difficult season for the players because of the pandemic. After sincere contemplation, he has made the final decision to not play in the US Open 2020. He never wanted to take this decision but seeing the crisis, he considers safety and health as his top priority. After his decision, it was clear that he selected the Madrid Open over the French Open.

It is further believed that it is not about the quarantine situation due to which the players are rejecting the match opportunities. The increasing COVID-19 cases in New York have forced the players to reject the events that are held across that region.

In New York, there are a lot of restrictions set by the government which are in terms of not staying in Manhattan, not playing in front of an audience, and frequent testing. These restrictions have imposed doubts on the minds of several players.

On the other hand, there are many tournaments which are conducted without much restrictions and issues like the World Team Tennis, Palermo Open, and UTS. These tournaments have given the permission to kick off the matches with minimal restrictions.

Now, players are frustrated and puzzled about staying in quarantine at their home nation and following a number of health and test measures.

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