Mutua Madrid Open Changes Its Plans Following Strict Instructions From Authorities

Mutua Madrid Open
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The professional tournaments are looking to set a clay-court season after a long break from the COVID-19 pandemic. In the process, it would retrieve two of the biggest tennis events under the Grand Slams.

It comprises of the joint ATP/WTA events and the one going to held in Madrid. Both of these events master a number of tournaments for men and another event includes Premier tournaments for the women.

Rescheduling of Tennis Event

However, Madrid Masters and Rome seem to make changes in their plans following strict instructions from the regional authorities. The major clay-court events have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, a current revival in Europe is now influencing even their limited arrangements which they made for tennis tournaments. The local authorities have suggested the Mutua Madrid Open in Madrid as well as the owner of tournament Ion Tiriac to reschedule the event.

They had planned to conduct the tournament at multi-purpose stadium, Caja Magica by allowing 30% of the audience to enjoy the event. On August 3, several reports of Spain’s media reveal that the ATP Tour had a zoom meeting where they had decided to cancel the event. ON August 4, ATP and WTA Tours made the official announcement to the public.

Consultation Among Tennis Federation and Local Committees

The scientific advisory committee of Rome advised the Italian tennis federation not to enable fans because of safety concerns that are followed during the crisis of pandemic. The tournament had already had been planned just to enable only 17,000 spectators for 7 days WTA and ATP competition. However, the federation still suggested they hold the events at the sports complex in Rome and Foro Italico.

As per the El Confidencial, the Madrid Masters tournaments can be cancelled altogether. The regional Madrid council has stated to the organizers that it is unwise to conduct a tennis tournament during this pandemic as both players and public safety are more imperative.

The local government till now haven’t cancelled the event but may do in the upcoming weeks depending upon the situation. Moreover, Spain has been expecting a sharp rise in the current weeks.

According to the organizers, they are consistently working with the WTA, ATP and other local health authorities on how the tennis tournaments could be conducted safely. They would soon announce their decision officially once the final decision is made.

Madrid is expected to be played under the US Open, after following the French Open and Rome on the schedule. Furthermore, until now there is no change declared by the French Open.

Statements Made by the Chairman of ATP and WTA

Andrea Gaudenzi is the chairman of the ATP Tour. He is disappointed to share that the Mutua Madrid Open may not be able to take place in 2020. As the risk associated with the pandemic is consistently increasing, they will follow whatever decision is taken by the local authorities.

He thanks the organizers of the Mutua Madrid Open tournament for their support by rescheduling the dates after four months. They are further looking forward to the successful event next year.

Steve Simon is the chairman and Chairman at WTA. He is also disappointed with the cancellation of the Mutua Madrid Open this year. However, he is proud of the efforts made by Feliciano and the entire tournament players. He states that players have consistently worked hard to facilitate and consider all possible ways to conduct the tournament in 2020.

They understand how eagerly their fans and audience waits for this moment, where they can cheer up and enjoy watching their favourite players playing together.

However, now it is more important to ensure that players and fans remain safe and healthy.

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