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Three women graduated from FGCU’s spring 2020 will be now seen to join the Eagle alumni and play soccer like a professional. The latest addition in soccer, Opal Curless will be seen to play with Hungary based soccer club named MTK Hungária FC. The club plays in the nation’s premier women’s league.

Opal Curless to Face Two Former Professionals

Opal Curless has now joined the professional international rank and will play against her former pals including Marjorie Boilesen and Evdokia Popadinova. Currently, Evdokia is playing matches for a club in Denmark while Marjorie is playing with a club in France.

While joining MTK Hungária FC, Opal said she is very excited to have this great opportunity which will take her career in soccer to the next level. She is very grateful for her coach, Blankenship, teammates and staff of women soccer. She appreciates and is pleased for everything they have done for her. She is further delighted to get this chance so that she can continue to present the program.

During her two years of journey suiting up for the Green and Blue, Opal was the main lead in Eagles’ backline. She began all 36 matches that she was taught at FGCU and played twice in her senior season. She made a lot of efforts in her last season in her final collegiate campaign which enabled the Eagles to score 14 goals just during the regular season match.

According to Blankenship, they are proud of her. They are too excited about this opportunity where she can showcase her skills and abilities to the high level. Moreover, she was a great ambassador for them on and off the ground and made a significant impact on their program throughout her time at FGCU. They believe that she is going to have an incredible journey during her professional experience.

Three-time Bulgarian Player Breaks the Record

Evdokia Popadinova signed with a professional soccer team named AaB Denmark in Danish First Division which is the second-highest soccer league of Denmark. She then arrived at the training facility of the club during the end of July. This Bulgarian native shifted to FGCU after playing seasons with NAIA national champion named Northwestern Ohio.

At the time of her senior campaign, she played at Eagles by scooping 11 goals in 17 matches. She also played the league during regular season conference goals while top seeding in the postseason match. At the end of the season, she was honoured for ASUN Player of the Year for her efforts.

Now, she is super excited to play professionally at high levels. As best leagues are conducted in Denmark, she believes that it will be a great chance to further improve and get better. For Evdokia, playing on a professional level is a long term goal for her. According to, Blankenship from the very first time when he saw her playing the match, he was confident enough that she could make it to this level.

Another Soccer Score Professional in Europe

Another standout midfielder for FGCU named Marjorie Boilesen signed with a French soccer club, FC Metz. The club plays tournaments in D1 Feminine which is considered to be under the nation’s top league. In her three year career at FGCU, Marjorie worked her way into the team record by making 67 points and getting ranked under the fourth category.

According to Marjorie, she is very thrilled about this opportunity and her dream of playing the matches at top levels came true. FGCU has helped her a lot and she is thankful for everything that the program has done for her.

As per Blankenship, she will gain the same success in France similar to FGCU.

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