Novak Djokovic Indicates His Interest To US Open; Puts A Condition In Front

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As per reports, Novak Djokovic is going to join the US Open, which will be held in September, although this will be done only if his term is agreed upon. In an interview with a sports channel, Djokovic showed his interest by stating that he will love to be a part of the US Open.

However, he continued that he would like to wait and see the way situations proceed. He had earlier manifested certain hesitation in respect to stringent social distancing rules, which are imposed over players.

Djokovic’s Concerns

One of the major concerns observed affecting Novak’s plan was the limitation imposed on the number of people allowed to travel with the players. However, it looks like, the situation is been handled for now, following the disclosure of his initial plans.

Despite disclosure of his initial plans, a Spanish Newspaper called Marca has stated that Novak Djokovic has shown his inclination towards the US Open. Although, his return is subjected to the laws regarding quarantine in Europe. If those laws do not affect his clay season, he will see changes in his plan.

After completion of the US Open, in a gap of a week, the tournament of Madrid Master is going to begin. Keeping the schedule tight, a week later, Rome Masters is also going to start.

Well, that reflects that if a 14 days quarantine will be applied after arrival from the US, the players will have to miss on the tournaments of Madrid and Rome. This will also put a substantial effect on their points and further ranking. The effect of missing two European tournaments will be higher in skipping an American one.

Solutions To These Concerns

The issues and concerns are quite evident. However, if some exclusive arrangements could be made from the side of ATP to deal with the quarantine issues, then the leading player of the world is going to the Flushing Meadows for sure.

As per the report of Marca, in case the ATP is able to derive a solution for the players to escape the quarantine in Europe, Djokovic will be able to carry on his play at the US Open, which will begin in New York.

Djokovic’s Next Slam Quest

The international player from Serbia is planning to make his way in the clay season, which will include tournaments in Madrid, Rome, and later in Paris.

Djokovic is already a leading Grand Slam Champion with 18 wins. He is currently in Bosnia and will be visiting Herzegovina too. These visits are part of his exhibition event of the Adria Tour. The biggest city of Banja Luka and Sarajevo, the capital city are the last two stops where the event is going to end.

The opening of the event took place in Belgrade followed by Serbia, Zedar, and Croatia. The event got stopped in Croatia following an increase in corona positive players.

Unfortunately, Djokovic and his wife Jelena had been found corona positive too. Both of them had to be quarantined for 14 days. After the quarantine, their second test came out to be negative. On the Adria tour, along with Novak’s family, there were more people including his countryman and his pregnant wife were found positive for the coronavirus.

In the list of corona positive people, Goran Ivanisevic is also found positive, who is Novak’s coach. After the decision was released by USTA regarding the organization of the US Open.

Djokovic was one of those players, who showed disappointment in a few of the rules laid by the organization at that point of time. Then proposed rules didn’t seem to be compliant with the tight schedule of tournaments.

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