Portugal is Ready for the New Season’s Champions League After The Long Break

portugal champions league
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Portugal is set to take the centre stage from August 12. The top eight European teams will seem to compete against each other for the champions leagues amidst the COVID -19 pandemic.

Portugal to Conduct the Major Soccer Tournament

Looking at the improvement for the COVID cases in Europe, Portugal has also made a huge control over the spread of pandemic. It is now ready to host the most significant matches for the soccer tournaments in Europe.

UEFA selected Portugal to conduct the major soccer tournaments in the two Lisbon stadiums in the mid of August. This is because the country has managed to handle the pandemic successfully. Apart from the country’s success, there will be no audience inside the stadium for quarterfinals, semi finals, as well as the final match that will be conducted on August 23, 2020.

The country avoids the challenges and issues that were hit across the southern European nations like Spain, and Italy, where they recorded an increased number of COVID cases and deaths. Whereas, Portugal recorded fewer deaths around two thousand. After this recorded deaths, the country took immediate measures when the pandemic began to hit its neighbouring countries.

Portugal to Host the Tournament Following Health Protocols

UEFA considered Portugal as one of the safest regions to host this major tournament. Antonio Costa is the Prime Minister of Portugal. In a discussion with international correspondents via call, he stated that all the security and health measures have been guaranteed for all the soccer players, visitors, journalists, and coaches.

Costa also recognized that the country’s past experience in conducting major sports events always tends to be successful. He also observed that Portugal is among the nations to host the first soccer leagues amidst the pandemic.

In 2019, the country hosted the Nations League Finals and in 2014, it conducted Champions League final in Lisbon. Moreover, in 2004, it hosted the European Championship. At the end of 2020, Portugal will conduct MotoGP race and Formula One Grand Prix in Portimao.

Fernando Gnomes is the President of Portuguese Football Federation. According to him, they would only conduct the matches of the Champions League due to good behaviour of the public to combat the pandemic.

He further added that his tournament will be broadcasted and watched by millions of people and fans. This will assist to reinforce and underline the positive image that the country has made at the time of crisis.

The finals were initially planned to be held in Istanbul at Ataturk Olympic Stadium. Madrid is among the cities that was also looking forward to hosting this rescheduled tournament.

Portugal is a nation with 10.3 million people and an economy that largely depends on tourism. It observed a surge in issues during the pandemic, which were addressed a few weeks ago and has supported the return of some limitations in some regions.

The COVID cases have declined significantly in the country and now are under control. The country is all set to host the soccer tournament for the next two weeks. Moreover, there were also concerns when Atlético Madrid, Spanish club, reported two COVID cases from its team when they were heading to Lisbon. The entire team of this club were tested again and allowed to travel only if the results come out to be negative.

In this week’s quarterfinals, none of the teams was found to test positive. In Lisbon, the teams will have to obey and follow UEFA’s protocols to return to play the international matches.

Moreover, teams will be tested before they arrive in the host city and the beginning of the matches. If anyone found to have any suspicious symptoms will be subjected to pulmonary testing.

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