PUBG Mobile is Set for New Esports Tournament and Massive Update

pubg mobile esports tournament
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Today, PUBG Mobile is categorized as one of the top and best mobile games across the world and now the company reveals some exciting news. The company seeks to bring a 1.0 update and declares to open a new way for gameplay.

It promises an immense boost in terms of performance and other benefits. The company has also revealed about the launch of a new sports tournament which will most likely begin from November.

Latest Updates in 1.0 Version

The team of PUBG Mobile which is also a part of Chinese gaming and tech giant, Tencent says that this latest update is planned for release on September 8, 2020. It is expected to cater to a broad array of graphical updates around several aspects of the game. It is supposed to do a detailed design of characters while making them more appealing.

The update will further bring an increase of up to 30% in frame rate and 76% fall in lag. And it will depend on the type of device on which the user will play. The 1.0 version will come with the latest UX, advanced technology, and exciting gameplay features to provide the most realistic tactical match experience on mobile.

Details of Latest PUBG Update

While revealing the details of the latest update, the company said in a press release that advanced technologies in version 1.0 have been implemented to completely modify the quality of the game. Furthermore, the latest improvements have been made to the characters of the players including the Main Lobby environment and lights along with the iconic environment.

Smoke, muzzle flashes, particles and, air blasts along with the addition of scope interaction will make the individual shot more natural and realistic. Moreover, throwing, sprinting, parachuting and other significant attractions have also been upgraded so that the users can get most captivating battle experience.

Customization to texture quality and lighting systems will give all in one experience in mobile. Texture quality and models and characters are improved to offer the striking experience to the users.

For more intuitive and concise gameplay, the user interface of PUBG is fully overhauled with innovative visuals, sound effects, interactions and motions. The user interface is tweaked to make it look more appealing by exploiting some of the visual technology elements.

To meet the player’s expectations, the company is set to bring more upgraded and refined controls. In addition, the latest multi-screen switching mode for the mobile PUBG will soon be introduced later this year.

Community, games and purchases have been divided into three categories, enabling easy and quick access for players. This will also build a clear and straightforward interface, assisting players to easily locate their required functions. On top of that, players can customize the layout as per their choice to avail more comfortable operations as well as user experience.

The new update will launch as soon as the 90Hz mode becomes available to all players. Thanks to the new technologies trough will the company intends to bring for those who are on mid-range and low hardware.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC)

Despite the latest update announcement, the company also disclosed its PUBG Mobile Global Championship which will commence in November. During this Championship, it is expected that all top professional teams from various regions such as Europe, America, Middle East, South Asia and China will take part.

The professionals will compete to win the prize of worth $2 million. The world’s prominent gaming innovator called Qualcomm Technologies will be the official sponsor of this championship.

However, due to the worldwide pandemic, onsite fans may not be allowed to watch this championship.

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