Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer Flout Novak Djokovic in a call for ‘unity, not separation’

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Novak Djokovic is appointed as the head of the Player Council at the Association of Tennis Professionals. He along with Vasek Pospisil recently introduced the formation of PTPA which would significantly protect the interests of the tennis players. However, his plans for the latest representative organisation have already met some stiff refusals for players.

Two Tennis Rivals Come Together

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are the two tennis players who like to be at the opposite end of the tennis court due to their personal rivalry. However, in a move that is of utmost importance, these two professional tennis players have come together to defy Novak Djokovic’s move for the formation of PTPA.

According to the Spaniard, the world is currently facing the most intricate and difficult issues. The Spaniard personally believes that these are times when everyone requires to stay calm and work together in one direction. He also added that it’s time to bring unity not separation.

The Spaniard further added that these are the situations where huge things can be attained as long as the world of tennis is united. For so long, all players, governing bodies and several tournaments have worked together. In such a crisis, disunion and separation will never be a solution.

The Swiss player with record 20 Grand Slam quests has responded to Rafael Nadal. According to him, there have been challenging and uncertain times but he believes it is crucial to be united as a sport and players in order to step a way forward.

According to the legend having 17-time Grand Slam, they received a letter from ATP where it proves that it can support the association. The winner disagrees with the formation of Djokovic and concludes that it is just a player’s association rather than being a union.

New Formation To Protect The Interest of Players

There were many players who responded to the reactions made by Rafael Nadal. They all responded to Vasek Pospisil and Novak Djokovic’s formation of PTPA which would protect the interest of tennis players.

A few days back, there was a meeting among tennis players about the final decision of Western and Southern Open in New York. At the time of the final consultation, Federer and Nadal were absent. In the absence of these two professional players, Djokovic declared that they have introduced a new group.

In a press release, Djokovic said that, after today’s successful meeting, they have declared about the initiation of PTPA. He further added that it is the first only-player association in the history of tennis since 1972.

As per the media, a letter was shared via an email to several tennis players. It was sent before the beginning of the U.S. Open. The letter stated that every player should unite and support them to form an association as an intent to protect, promote and represent the interest of the players. The letter also concluded that players must also support the association to further protect the future of tennis.

A member of the association also said that this formation is not to disrupt, combat or cause any challenge within or outside the tennis tournament. They just simply aim to unite the tennis players and not to impact the lives or livelihood of the players.

However, Djokovic’s attempt to form a separate association for players seemed to unite several local governing bodies who called for unity when tournaments were cancelled due to the pandemic.

Moreover, Serb who defeated Milos Raonic in the finals of Western and Southern Open in New York decided to support the breakaway group.

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