Reebok Collaborates with Athlane To Join With The Best Content Creators

Reebok Collaborates with Athlane
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As the COVID-19 continues to place a halt on major sports tournaments, the pandemic gives rise to a captive audience in the world of esports.

Now, streamers have a huge opportunity to increase their potential in this field as several other types of entertainment are postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic. Although, it’s quite challenging to design and monetize an approach to play as well as stream video games for full time.

Collaboration Of Brands And Streamers

Michael Ivkov and Faisal Younus are the two dropouts from Harvard. They have overlooked how aspiring streamers and brands struggled to join with one another. As a result, they created a smart marketplace for the new esports league, Athlane to establish such connections. Athlane is an intelligent platform where streamers can connect with different brands and develop a large fan community to create a bright career in gaming.

This esports firm has recently established a partnership with one of the prominent companies; Reebok, to run the final’s sponsorship campaigns from beginning to end. This San Francisco-based firm recently invested a $3.3 million seed round from top institutional firms along with Y Combinator including accredited investors like Jessica ‘JGhosty’ Blevins and Tyler ‘Ninja’.

Their main purpose to invest in Athlane is to make a career in gaming. Athlane is the best place to support rising streamers with their data on their fans and grant them with several sponsorship opportunities. According to Blevins, it will be crucial for the streamer who wants to reach great heights in gaming.

Opportunities with Athlane

According to the two Harvard dropouts, looking deeply for making a community and content more unique is considered to be imperative. Developing a following can be challenging at the time of beginning a career as it is significantly dependent on collaboration and time. Reaching from 10 to 50 concurrent viewers is an onerous approach. Moreover, creating consistent earning is another challenge in Athlane.

They also added that non-endemic as well as endemic brands are quite different in approach. Non-endemic brands may try to leverage for in-bound partner interest in order to frame bespoke affiliate programs or a responsible sponsorship team to develop a department. It may also lean on specialized companies with leading streamers on their roster.

When viewed from a streamer’s point of view, such informal one-offs can be incorrect as many of them lack transparency when it comes to performance. Moreover, such programs are impossible to keep competitive.

An end to end platform, Athlane allows the brand to reach at their fans with appropriate ROI measurement. With the help of compliance tracking, automated task-monitoring and legal-tech, Athlane effectively handles all the work so that brands can easily spend their time by operating on real content with the creator.

Their sponsorships allow them to track ROI, other performance metrics and reach under just one dashboard.

How Athlane Terminal Assist Brands To Access Information About Matrics?

Athlane provides an all-in-one engine to the brands so that they can easily engage, discover and transform gaming communities at scale. Athlane’s insights tool offers a proprietary and exhaustive analytics ecosystem with striking metrics, visualizations and summaries.

By collecting all information and content across one central node, for the creator, there is an actual-time lens into fans and their evolution over time regarding preferences and interests.

For data-driven brands, like Reebok, there must be a platform that requires to offer scalability and maintains the authenticity of the collaboration while acknowledging ROI down to the deliverable. At a business standpoint, the community is the main basis of gamers’ fans and audience.

At such points, excellent community development is crucial.

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