SC Secretary-General calls Qatar World Cup 2022 a ‘Bridge between Cultures’

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Quoting 2022 World Cup as a ‘unique experience’, the SC Secretary-General is quite confident that this experience will join diverse cultures. According to Hassan Al Thawadi this event will attract the global audience and unite people. He is the Secretary-General for SC or Supreme Committee of Delivery and Legacy.

The match fixtures for the most-awaited World Cup 2022 were finally announced on Wednesday. Qatar will be hosting the next FIFA tournament, starting from 21st November 2022. The games will commence from 13:00 Local Time or 3:30 pm IST at Al Bayt stadium.

After the release of match schedules, Hassan Al Thawadi expressed his views by saying that it is a major achievement for them. It is like a milestone for the hosting nation. SC has been readying Qatar for this intercontinental event for a decade now and has made significant progress in staying prepared for welcoming the global audience.

What is special about FIFA 2022?

With a tagline of ‘Deliver Amazing’, they are striving towards the successful completion of this tournament. The Committee has finalized a large part of the infrastructure; the stadiums are being primed up and will be set to go soon enough. They have been working hard to ensure that the 2022 edition of the World Cup becomes a worthwhile experience.

This would be the first-ever FIFA event hosted by a Middle Eastern country. Secretary-General Al Thawadi also directed the attention to the notion that this event was aiming to act as a bridge between multiple cultures. While ensuring that the comprehensive process of watching matches and visiting stadiums inexpensive and simple for all interested spectators.

He also added that with this 2022 event, they are willing to bring out the concept of having the World Cup in a compact format. They will be supporting this notion where the audience and fans can spectate 1 or more games in a day. This unique concept has blessed the tournament with its distinctive spirit.

People will be exposed to a new way of watching games, supporting their favorite teams, and cheer for them in a whole new way. Qatar’s 2022 World Cup is set to make a difference and stand out from all previously held FIFA tournaments. SC, says Al Thawadi, will be focusing on two main factors to bring this difference.

The spirit of having a World Cup in compact forms will be infused into the spectators. Fans will no more have concerns about having different accommodations or traveling long distances to watch matches. Once they step in Doha, the only thing they will have to think about is enjoying, supporting the teams, and experiencing Arab Culture closely.

Another remarkable feature of this World Cup is that the Middle East has always tried to provide a base for cultures to mix and flourish. Hassan Al Thawadi further says that this will be a great opportunity for people from different cultures and backgrounds to come together and show support for their favorite game. Since the world is still experiencing tremors from the COVID-19 pandemic, it could be a way for them to connect, bond, and make new friends.

There are chances that FIFA 2022 is one of the largest international events after the Coronavirus outbreak settles. Therefore, its necessity and importance have increased a thousand folds. SC will be taking complete care of the guests and fans visiting Doha for watching their teams in action.

It will ensure that all hassles related to accommodation, traveling, changing modes of transportation, and more are instantly eliminated. The audience will only have to place all their focus on the football teams, while the host will cater to all their requirements.

The FIFA 2022 World Cup will be an economical event for the fans to ensure the best experience for global guests. All football fans will have a lifetime experience in Qatar.

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