Shared Sense steps into Kentucky Derby talks after winning Indiana Derby

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Derby horses might not know about the social distancing rules, however, Shared Sense has the ‘sense’ to keep his distance well. This 3-year-old derby star won the 26th Indiana Derby with a 3-length distance on Wednesday. The stewards refused to accept the objections raised in support of Major Fed, the runner-up at the derby.

James Graham, Major Fed’s jockey, tried to assert a foul against Shared Sense, claiming that they were interfered by the winner in the first quarter-mile of the track. He said that he was trying to take Fed forward, but was blocked by Sense and Geroux. According to him, the “little” bump affected their pace and focus on the track.

However, Shared Sense’s Jockey – Florent Geroux, admitted that they did bump into Fed a little, but it was not a serious action. The contact was light and not harmful for either of the horses or jockeys. He further added that the way Shared Sense raced, the outcome was pretty much clear.

Racing majestically, Shared Sense was able to complete 1 1/8 miles in just 1:49.46. His victory paid off $3.20, 4.80, and 7.80, and became a 5-2 favorite. The third position was gained by Necker Island, followed by Earner on the fourth. With high scores, Major Fed is set to make it into the Kentucky Derby.

Shared Sense had a slow start and was behind Taishan and Earner during the early seconds of the Derby. Although, he caught up with the leaders at the far turn and crossed Necker Island. This lead was enough for him to distance himself from the trailers.

Setting new records at the 26th Indiana Derby

For the first time in Derby history, the $300,000 Indiana Derby would have granted qualifying points to allow the horse to get in Kentucky Derby. Another reason making it more historic was that it was held during the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 1,500 fans were allowed to witness this year’s Indiana Derby; with compulsory masks and distanced outdoor seating.

Last year, Indiana Grand Racing & Casino made a record by making $4.1 million. However, this year they broke their own record and made $5,979,952 during Wednesday’s handle. To add more sweetness to this victory celebration, Geroux is now the 2nd Jockey to have won the Indiana Derby with Brad Cox, Shared Sense’s trainer.

After racing in the Indiana Derby and scoring the second position, Fed got 8 points getting his total score tally to 38. His trainer, Greg Foley, says that he is confident that Major Fed will be able to get in the Kentucky Derby.

On the other hand, Shared Sense has now gained his rightful space in the Triple Crown with 20 points from the Indiana Derby. Descending from the best-breed American racing horses, Street Sense and Touch Gold, Shared might have been a late bloomer but truly a winner.

To nominate Shared Sense into Triple Crown it might take $45,000; although the price would have been as high as $200,000 before the pandemic. The Indiana Derby winner is owned by the Godolphin Racing group. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum owns this group and it is located in Kentucky.

Shared Sense’s trainer, Brad Cox says that they can’t wait to ‘pick up’ more points by racing in other Derby races. They will be checking his performance in these races and then set a game plan for the upcoming season. The team will be working harder to implement this new strategy working alongside Shared Sense.

He also added that Godolphin has been a great group to work for as they place the racing horse as their topmost priority. Cox is happy about scoring a victory in his first Indiana Oaks on his debut in the Indiana Derby. Brad Cox manages the horse stables at the Indiana Grand.

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