Soon Horse Racing, Cricket, and Snooker Will Begin To Carry Out Events In The Presence Of Fans

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The enthusiastic fans are ready to get seated in the stadiums to enjoy sports events after a long pause.

The spectators are eager to step inside the tournament events by complying with some social distancing rules as the situations are getting better. The fans are expected to return by the end of this month.

Arrival Of Fans In Leading Tournaments

The pilot events, which are selected for the attempt to bring fans into the stadiums are going to be the World Snooker Championship, Two County Cricket matches, and the horse racing festival of Glorious Goodwood.

After getting the success of these tests, the government will look upon enabling the fans based on certain restrictions including limited entry. The entire and simplified return of spectators is expected from 1st October. The prohibition was imposed in March following the surge in cases of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Taking to Twitter, the Racecourse Association has tweeted about the participation of horse racing in the pilot events held by the government. In the tweet, RCA says, British Horseracing is very happy to announce that their sport is going to be a part of the pilot events held by the government.

The tweet also states that the event will be Goodwood Races, which will be organized at elite venues. The sporting event is scheduled to take place on 1st August.

The Pilot Events

A confirmation has been received by Surrey regarding a friendly match with Middlesex on 26th & 27th July at the Oval. The world championship of Snooker is going to begin on 31st July.

The audience and the spectators will be enabled to watch the horse racing event on 1st August. In his statement, Nigel Huddleston, who is the sports minister had said, for quite a long time millions of people had to go through that vacant feeling in their hearts for not visiting and enjoying the matches. People were not able to encourage their teams nor attain the experience of elite sporting events.

He further stated that he is pleased to announce that now people will be able to visit their favorite matches, as the government is working with a plan to open the stadiums safely for the fans.

He continued that, not all the sports, teams, and clubs have the right commercial value, which is why their fans are certainly the fuel of their life. With coordinated efforts of sports and medical teams, the pilot events will be able to attain secured entry of fans in the events.

He concluded that it might take some time for the stadiums to be open for the full capacity. However, it seems that such a step is appropriate to revive the live audience in the matches from around the country.

Restrictions Imposed On Pilot Events

There are going to be several restrictions, which will be needed to be adhered to by the audience as well as organizing staff.

Some of the restrictions include a report regarding the measures taken by the venues, in order to reduce the risk of getting Covid-19. A formulated code of conduct regarding the spectators. This code must help the audience understand their responsibility and direct their behavior accordingly. Some points of the code of conduct include non-attendance if even the slightest symptom of the virus is observed.

Also, to ensure strict adherence to the social distancing rules, a specific check on the seat bookings has to be ensured. Some other measures include curbing the public transport’s usage by the audience along with extra facilities for maintaining hygiene.

In a statement, the Racecourse Association has stated, it is a significant move to revive the sports economy, which is hampered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They showed their gratitude towards DCMS for selecting horse racing as one of the sports to be part of their pilot event.

The selection has been done for two months before the season ends.

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