The Global Esports Federation Has Recruited Hajime Taniguchi to Join Athletes and Players Commission

Hajime Taniguchi
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A Japanese legend fighting game player, Tokido, also known as Hajime Taniguchi is the latest inclusion in the Player Commission and Athletes of Global Esports Federation.

The Global Esports Federation is an international organization that tends to coordinate the worldwide esports scene and assist smaller scenes to grow. It also assists professional players to search sponsors and generate income they require to support themselves. The current joining of Tokido will allow them to extend their approach to the Fighting Game Community.

A Promising Career at The Global Esports Federation

According to Tokido, Esports gaming is one of the fastest growing entertainment and sports industry across the world. Dedication and skills alone are not enough to assure long terms of success in the esports industry, well-being and health are equally crucial to make a sustainable and promising career in esports.

He is honoured to be the part of the leading global organization that promotes an emphasis on complete well being of athletes and players. Not just that, the organization further assists them to keep levelling-up their game and alongside building a sustainable career growth for esports players to succeed.

Chairman and vice president of The Global Esports Federation’s Athletes and Players Commission, Charmaine Crooks wholeheartedly welcomed the latest addition of the “esports legend”. According to Crooks, he believes that the organization will significantly benefit from his immense experience of having finished some of the most prominent global stages in esports.

The addition of Tokido in their group will further assist them in the comprehensive work that they have already placed in force to grow the organization. It will also help to enhance the representation of the leading athletes of the world.

Tokido has achieved and won several international and domestic titles, like Evo in 2002, 2007 and 2017, Topanga Championship in 2020 and another Cup in 2018 and 2019.

He also became a top professional player in 2010 and before joining this leading organization, he joined Team Mad Catz in 2011 and was a member for five years. Later in 2017, he joined Echo Fox.

Tokido has also published two books which reveal and describes his journey to become a leading professional esports champion. The book also explains about his own philosophy and ideas on determination and commitment that expanded his career in esports.

The Fighting Game Community and Tokido

Tokido or Hajime Taniguchi is known as the Five Gods of fighting games and playing King of Fighters and Street Fighter. He has already made his career in playing and winning top renowned games. By playing in some of the top games, it already features for overall winnings at $562,597.

Tokido is indeed the best choice for the Global Esports Federation to achieve their goals because of his incredible experience in various gaming files. As he has finished all the top levels in various games, he has firsthand and immense knowledge of how several events take place, and who are the best event runners.

Moreover, he has knowledge of how different types of pitfalls should be avoided. The Fighting Game Community provides the culture of self-improvement and hard work to the esports along with competitive integrity.

Other Achievements

However, the Global Esports Federation still requires much convincing of the worldwide sports industry and community that still remains dubious of its ties to a Chinese conglomerate named Tencent. It has marked its position with several renowned names.

In July, the organization declared about its partnership with a Mardi based worldwide sports innovation centre which is owned by Microsoft.

While, two months ago, it announced another partnership with Japan-based international public relations and advertising company Dentsu.

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