The retirement Clue of Roger Federer Disclosed by Idol’s ‘Bombshell’

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A wise professional tennis player named Roger Federer is 39 and for its fans, it seems like retirement is an unavoidable topic. Despite the worldwide pandemic, Roger was going to miss a number of tennis tournaments this year.

This is because he had undergone a knee surgery in February that won’t enable him to play clay-court season. He also declared that there is more complication which won’t allow him to play for the rest of 2020.

Theory on Retirement

There was always a theory on how or when Roger will retire and everyone was given a clue about this former coach and childhood idol named Stefan Edberg.

Stefan declared at the end of 1995 that he would be retiring at the end of the following season. However, he noticed his inability to focus at the time of the round-the-world farewell tour and the results were not that good.

In a discussion, Stefan made a few statements to the Tennis Podcast. He stated that he has talked a little bit about it and he cannot reveal it in public. Its all very difficult to handle and he would not suggest it.

Catherine Whitaker is the co-host of the Tennis Podcast. She described the comments made by Edberg as a little bit of a Federer bomb. She also added that they effectively had a farewell tour as he always followed his mentor’s advice.

Stefan Edberg popularly completed a farewell tour across the globe to bid goodbye before his retirement. He believes that Edberg’s advice is a kind of bombshell and the theory about his trainee’s retirement revealed his future and how he will perform in the matches.

He also added that Federer respects Edberg and performs similar to him. This won’t happen that he does not follow or go against his advice. He further believes that he doesn’t want the matches and tournament to have a testimonial feel about them. If he is playing a match then he has the calibre and potential to win that match.

However, if they are on a farewell tour and they know that everyone is waiting for them at the tournaments with a plaque to honour their last time then it all takes a distinct feel.

Federer to Follow his Mentor’s Advice

Matt Roberts who is a tennis analyst said that Edberg’s statements are something that Federer will pay attention and listen to. According to the famous commentator named David Law, Edberg may have discussed and concluded about Federer’s retirement. This implies that the end is closer than what they expected.

However, his acknowledgement is a huge shock as a 22-year veteran of the ATP Tour is revealing about how he wants to go away. Moreover, David was less likely to close the farewell tour so that there can be an option for Federer. There are two things that really shocked Law.

The first is that they have discussed retirement openly and Federer has followed his advice, which is interesting in itself. The other is that he believed a farewell tour is something that he wishes to do in order to say goodbye to all the regions where he had played tournaments.

He concluded that there are many people who embrace life like Federers. He knows how much he is dedicated to sports and loves playing it. However, he does revere Edberg and he was his only inspiration. He is not the one who likes limelight or something like that.

Federer absolutely loves being the centre of attraction among his fans and he plays his best when his fans are looking at him. This is what makes him even play better.

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