The Tennis Players From Sri Lanka Received Gifts From Shipping Companies

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A blissful gift has been received by the handicapped tennis players of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association in the form of wheelchairs. The exclusive donations have certainly heightened the longing of 3 internationally acclaimed and well-known wheelchair tennis players. The donations made by the Colombo International Container Terminals include personalized wheelchairs for the players.

The Colombo International Container Terminals (CICT) is a well-established supporter of tennis and has China Merchants Group as its parent company. There have been mainly three wheelchairs, which are gifted to the leading wheelchair players of Tennis in the country. Colombo International Container Terminals and China Merchants Group, both are shipping companies with extensive experience in their industry.

Reason Behind The Donation

The donations were made as the part of the Wheelchair Tennis Programme, laid by the Sri Lanka Tennis Association. This program has been extensively supported by the CICT. Following its support and engagement in the program, the company has decided to offer titanium made professional wheelchairs to the professional players.

The wheelchair tennis program was started to offer support to the handicap players and enhance their stake in international associations.

About The Players

These donations have been made to D.S.R Dharmasena, who holds 62nd rank in the International Tennis Federation Rankings. Other than him, we have Dissanayake Gamini and Suresh Ranaweera, who hold 82nd and 101st rank respectively in the world and ITF rankings for international players.

All of these players had chosen to join para-athletics, as they were war veterans in the Sri Lankan army and had sustained extreme injuries in the civil war, which was held in the north part of the nation. They have shown extreme strength in the recent SSC Open and Sri Lanka Open in 2020.

The Donations

The donation done by the company had created a total expenditure of $9000, which is £7,200 and €8,000, in respective currencies. As per the report of Adaderanabiz, which is a Sri Lankan News Portal, the donations were done at a ceremony, which was conducted at the SLTA. The funds for the donations have been sourced from the charitable foundations of the CGM, which is called CMCF.

The chief executive of the CICT named Jack Huang spoke about the donation. In his statement, he said that CICT aims at taking measures and steps to offer generous support to the valuable causes in Sri Lanka. He also stated that their current focus is on wheelchair tennis. They are committed to develop the sport and offer support in all the ways they can.

He continued, that the support they have extended to the SLTA, has resulted not only in the betterment of lives of specially-abled sports players. Although, it has also allowed them to contribute to the glory, which these sports players are bringing to themselves and their country as well by excelling in the international tournaments.


A complete donation of $161,000 which is £129,000 and €143,000 in respective currencies, has been done by CMCF and CICT in collaboration. This donation amount is directed towards The Wheelchair Tennis Programme of SLTA between the period of 4 years starting from 2015 to 2019.

With such a huge amount, they have become the prominent sponsors of wheelchair tennis in Sri Lanka. The nation is now on the list of leading 40 nations in the sport.

In the year 2016, a major fund had been extended from the end of CICT in order to carry out the upliftment and renovation of two hard surface courts. These renovations were to make them of the international standards, which would help the country in developing the sport.

The Wheelchair Tennis Programme had been initiated in the year 2003, which aimed at rehabilitating handicapped soldiers. The program had worked perfectly well, as presently the organization holds 13 professional wheelchair tennis players with international rankings.

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