UEFA Implies COVID-19 Protocols in a Bid to Ensure Soccer Matches in 2020

uefa covid measures
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Ahead of the European League as well as Champions League knockout matches which are set to begin from this week, UEFA has published some protocols for the restarting of the matches.

UEFA is also known as European soccer governing body that has released a format which consists of a list of documents in order to begin the competition amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resuming of Two Major Soccer Tournaments

The protocols will also be strictly followed to all international matches that are set to take place this year. The two major soccer matches will resume as they were postponed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resumed schedule observes players taking part in two different matches in August. Moreover, UEFA has also planned an advisory ahead of the competition.

Protocols Set By the UEFA

The soccer clubs have been advised to follow the protocols which are set by UEFA. If norms and protocols by UEFA are not followed properly, then international matches may face serious consequences. Here are some of the following rules that every match official and player must adhere to:

1. If the competition takes place behind closed doors, permission will only be granted to match officials, players, the main staff of the stadium, club staff and accredited media.

2. The stadium will be divided into four major zones. The zone 1 will be for benches and pitch, zone 2 for pitch surroundings, Zone 3 for stadium interior and tribunes and last zone for stadium exterior.

3. The maximum number of fans allowed inside the stadium will depend significantly on the size of the stadium and restrictions set by the local authorities. Moreover, the staff at the stadium should be as minimal as possible.

4. In zone 1, there should be a maximum of 120 people and not more than 100 people in zone 2.

5. Each team in a match must include a medical liaison officer. It may be in terms of team doctor to make sure that all rules and testing protocols are fulfilled properly.

6. Each team should also include a protocol compliance officer to make sure that accommodation, travel, social distancing, hygiene are respected. The officer will travel along with the players for their every match trip.

7. The main team must include a hygiene officer in order to cooperate with authorities in implementing and reviewing all the protocols at the stadium.

8. A minimum distance of at least two meters must be maintained between the players.

9. Players are restricted to swap their team shirts after the match.

10. Club staff and squads must be tested two to three days before beginning with the match. Moreover, every team must also be tested before one or two days of the match.

11. Teams may be tested again the day before the beginning of the match if needed by the local government.

12. UEFA will receive all the test results that are conducted before the match and it must be forwarded to the medical liaison officer six hours before the match.

13. UEFA has suggested the players take charter flights in completely disinfected planes in order to avoid contact with the public. Also, they must stay at hotels which are exclusively booked for the visiting teams.

14. For accommodation during longer matches, players must ensure their laundry is managed by one of their own staff instead of any other staff.

Soccer Matches 2020

UEFA had earlier declared that the rest of the UCL second leg Round of sixteen matches will be held in Munich, Turin, Barcelona and Manchester on 8th and 9th August.

Moreover, the quarter-final matches will take place in Lisbon between 12-15 August. The semi-finals will be played between 18-19 August.

The final match will be played on August 23 at the Stadium of Light in Lisbon.

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