Victory in La Liga was ‘sweeter’ for Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s coach

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According to Coach Zidane, the teams’ win the La Liga crown was better than their combined three titles from Champions League.

Zinedine Zidane has been the playmaker behind the scenes for Real Madrid’s victory in Champions League & La Liga. He is also the Manager of the winning Real Madrid C.F.

On Thursday, they had a match against Villarreal CF and won with a total score of 2-1. They have been performing consistently throughout the Liga, and have won all 10 games. La Liga was resumed after having a 3-month gap because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

What were the reactions of Officials on this La Liga win?

Coach/ Manager Zidane has displayed his satisfaction on the team’s win saying that he has been training the team hard for this moment. Champions League titles did give them moral support and motivation, however, winning La Liga was their main target. This victory has got Real Madrid its 11th trophy under Zidane, and 2nd league wins for him.

The Manager got “emotional” while talking about the efforts the players have put in. He says that he is proud of the team and that they have played incredibly. This might not be the most action-packed or exciting win for Real’s, although, they had to work hard throughout the league to get the best results.

Zidane had brought multiple wins for Real Madrid in La Liga even as a player, and he has ensured that he plays his part effectively. He added to his statement that this was one of his best days of being a professional. And that the team did great by scoring the highest points on the points table.

He appreciated the performance and achievements of the players by saying that he played his part, though they believed in themselves and their skills. Manager Zidane also said that the Real Madrid players have stepped up their game for the title. The team received the trophy in an empty stadium.

Stadium Alfredo di Stefano has been like their training ground or second home while their home ground Santiago Bernabeu is getting a makeover. The Real’s will not be celebrating like they usually do- parading with the trophy on an open-top bus. They have adhered to regulations put up to stay safe from getting infected.

Zidane further said that they all would have liked to celebrate their way, meeting Real fans in Cibeles fountain would have been fun. Although, it was not destined to happen this year. He added to this that their fans would be inside their homes, happy for the team’s victory, and celebrating in their own way. Real Madrid has got this trophy home for their fans from all over the world.

Furthermore, to add on to the celebratory moment Florentino Perez, Club President, commended Zidane by titling him as ‘blessing from heaven’. He also gave the credit of shaping the players and the victory to the team’s coach. Florentino added that he wishes Zidane sticks with them for the long-term and keep bringing back wins and trophies.

Perez praised players Karim, Casemiro, Sergio Ramos, and other members who stayed together in every game and performed amazingly. While team captain, Sergio Ramos, described the year as a difficult one; because of coronavirus. Sergio said that this football season had an unexpected and unusual twist to it, but they had to win after the lockdown was called off.

They had to win every game in the league to increase their chances of getting their hands on the title. Since Barca was having a 2 point lead already, making a tiny mistake could have cost them the La Liga title. He too gave the credits for boosting the team and its gameplay.

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