Waiting to Bring the Real game; Manchester United Practising for their Upcoming Matches

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With their stellar performance in the last Premier League, Manchester United made qualifying for Champions League look easy. The team’s manager- Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been successful in directing their effort towards victories and bringing the club in the top 3.

Club has a strong 14 points on the points table in Group C.

United has been working hard throughout the year to ensure their position in the Champions League. The club got its space in the Old Trafford’s records for having the ‘worst start’ for any team in the Premier League.

However, with 38 games remaining in the Premier League, the team has pulled up its game towards perfectness. Manchester United was able to secure its 3rd position after winning against Leicester with a 2-0 score lead and a draw while playing against West Ham during a home-game.

With a penalty at the 70th minute from Bruno Fernandes and 98th-minute goal by Jesse Lingard, the team ensured that they will be playing in the League. Manager Solskjaer said that this win was delightful for him and that they were able to save the spot in the Champions League for the team. The League start was not as productive; however, they have surpassed other teams and made the most of their opportunity.

The Club’s Directors, players, and Solskjaer, rejoiced after their win as this could be a turning point for the United. This victory has put Manchester United back into competition. Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson stepped off the post in 2013, the team had been struggling to keep its performance.

However, Ole Gunnar Solskjae has got the team back its rightful position, he has been working on restoring the club’s status. Since United has never been seen “as competitive” after Ferguson, this is a decisive moment for the team. They now have the opportunity to gain momentum and reach the apex.

What does the team plan for future matches?

This victory has provided a chance to recruit new players and talents, with promising Champions League matches for their upcoming season with Manchester United. Another factor that will have direct influence would be the funding or sponsoring of the team, they will have a strong base to start again. Although, taking full advantage of this favorable moment.

The latest win of the team and their game against West Ham, Southampton, and Crystal Palace, has surely given the players a boost in confidence. The team has been putting efforts towards refining their skills and getting better under the mentorship of Solskjaer. Therefore, to add a little more spice to their team, the manager Ole Gunnar is aiming to get more players.

He will surely be focusing on getting both quality & quantity. However, there are quite a few players who would need replacing and therefore these players won’t be seen playing at the Old Trafford. This means that he will have a lot to focus on including training, recruiting, and planning.

A similar situation has been experienced by Jurgen Klopp, who inherited the role of a Manager for Liverpool. It took him 2 years to train the players hard and shape them into winners.

With reliable and strong forward players like Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford, and Anthony Martial, Solskjaer can relax a bit on the scoring part. The team also has Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes showing excellent partnerships during the matches.

Even though the team is playing better and they have strong players, they still need more to stay in the competition. But, all their prospects could come true if they work hard and right.

And their win against Leicester has at least given them a ray of hope that they could get their former reputation back.

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