WISE Ventures Esports Declares Its Expansion Into Rocket League

Rocket League
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A company behind team Minnesota Røkkr and Call of Duty League, WISE Ventures Esports has recently declared about its expansion into Rocket League.

With the addition of this team, it will compete under a new brand that is Version1. It will include veteran talent along with former Cloud9 players such as Kyler “Torment” Storer, Alexandre “AxB” Bellemare and Jesus “Gimmick” Parra.

What Led to the Formation of a New Team?

This new team, Version 1 will play matches in Rocket League Championship Series along with RCLS. It has begun from August 7, following the latest structured competitive format. The shift towards ELCS is a significant step made by the team as the company extends its brand reach into more leagues and games and continues to expand its fan base.

By taking part in the Rocket League, the company will join a leading esports league which is popular among young people and families. The channel of RLCS Twitch tends to rise by 46.1% from 2017 to 2018. It has also made its place under top five by Twitch Tracker for the Twitch sector with positive reviews.

Rocket League is considered to be one of the most futuristic sports that prepare players with innovative rocket-powered vehicles on a football pitch. The game then results in incredible goals along with exclusive saves around several highly detailed antennas.

Jonathan Wilf Seeks To expand Its Esports Fan-base

Jonathan Wilf is the President and Ownership Partner at WISE Ventures Esports. According to him, it is the best opportunity for them in professional and esports gaming. They want to expand their audience base and content in order to continue growing their fans.

This Championship Series not only has a broad fan-base, but current revival of league competition tends to be a ground-up opportunity that fulfils the company’s longer-term goals.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the investor and minority owner at WISE Ventures Esports. He is very excited for the expansion of their team into the Championship Series and so are his friends who are equally passionate about this innovative game.

Now, the company unveiled a Version1 team of highly professional players. It has also accomplished Rocket League veterans such as Jason Nunez Fireburner, Jesus Parra “Gimmick”, Kyle Storer “Torment”, and Alexandre Bellemare “AxB”.

According to the Chief Operating Officer, Brett Diamond, they now have a great opportunity to enter this Championship Series along with the best tier roster. They are also delighted to welcome these veterans to their family of esports. Their ideology with Røkkr has been to develop a growing fan base and to apply the same for Version1.

He further added that their main motto with this team is to build an international and national brand and grow support from fans all across the world. Their main centre in Minnesota will also enable them to build opportunities for regional fans of Rocket League to come out with live events and watch the players live once it’s safe to do so.

Changes Made In RLCS

Last month, a publisher from Rocket League, Psyonix, declared about the most vital changes in the format of RLCS. Now, the season will be conducted three times in a year that is in spring, winter and fall. Each season will include separate standalone Regional Events as well as culminate in a Major tournament. The new season’s Rocket League will be awarded prizes of overall $4.5 million to competitive players and teams.

The first Regional tournament of North America of the Fall split will be held from August 154-16 and August 22 -23. The fans can enjoy this tournament on Twitch Channel of RLCS.

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