World waits for what’s next after Messi drops his deal with Barça

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After receiving a request from the lawyer of football star player, Lionel Messi, everyone’s eyes are now on what FC Barcelona decides. If the club accepts his request, this would be the end of one of the longest-standing relationships in football’s history. However, this step has acquired the attention of a global audience.

Considering the fact that this 33-year old Argentine professional footballer might not be able to create the same magic in forthcoming years, it would be a tough choice. But with him being available in the market, it would be worth watching how other clubs and teams react. There are so many assumptions and rumors about Messi and his future deals.

What are the future prospects?

A possibility is that he might join Manchester City under the mentorship of Pep Guardiola, his former coach & manager. Another rumor about the player is that he might team up with his rivals, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar. This means that he would either be with Paris St Germain or Juventus; finally bringing an end to their jinxed Champions League career.

Inter Milan is another club catching up in the race of cracking a deal with Messi to strengthen its lineup. Interestingly, in the past, Messi has shown his fascination for playing in the Premier League. This makes Manchester City a great option to go for; that is only if he chooses.

Ongoing Buzz: Messi & Barcelona

Various news channels and social media platforms have been talking about this request since Wednesday. A huge part of this buzz is driven by his almost 2-decade long professional career with the club. The player had been a part of Barca for a prolonged period, which makes the decision more difficult.

Lionel Messi had joined FC Barcelona back in 2001 as a junior player and spent his senior career with the same club. Another factor that has sparked the frenzy is that the player will be using a clause in his contract to back his request. According to this condition, Messi can leave the club before final termination for free.

On the contrary, the club insists that the clause has already expired way back. This means that any club looking to reserve the player will have to pay for the release clause stated in the contract. The amount could go as high as $826 million; this will only be applied if the player quits without the permission of the club.

What to expect?

Many suppositions are floating around about how and what the club would do about this request. Either they could keep the player and maintain their strong player list. Or they could let him go and shake the foundation of the buyer club; giving away almost a million would affect their finances.

However, Barca will have to look into their advantages as well. The club has been making a fortune by selling merchandise and more. Also, Messi’s 6 Ballon d’Or winner record would bring in more for the club’s popularity. Not to mention the worldwide fanbase of the player.

Moreover, if the topic of finance is kept aside, another question that strikes many is the player’s performance fading? While this sounds impolite for a player that has secured space in every football-lover and helped bring home over 30 titles. There are contradictions to this as well since the player had been performing amazingly in the last season.

He has scored 31 goals in the last gaming season, which was impressive if not excellent. Messi has also kept a 444 scoring record in La Liga and has been bringing loads of goals & assists for the team.

Under so many tattles, Messi has showcased his wishes through this request and wishes for it to get accepted. But the final decision is in FC Barcelona’s hands.

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