ZenSports trying something new with the growing Esports betting

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Despite being a peer-to-peer platform, ZenSports has emphasized on thinking outside the box. It has adopted a Cryptocurrency token called SPORTS.

Rather than choosing from Bitcoin or Fiat Currency to make bets, the users can continue betting or getting perks, rewards, or bonuses by using SPORTS.

To ensure that all regulatory requirements are complied with, ZenSports has successfully collaborated with Prime Trust. It is an API based on financial services that executes a complete assessment of documentation. Their partnership will ensure that all users on the platform are of proper age and are not using ZenSports services for money laundering.

The CMO About Acquisition

Since most traditional sports and events have been rescheduled or canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Esports market has gained significant interest and attention. This ‘interest’ has crossed all records that it gained the attention of The New York Times. The ZenSports’ CMO- Mark Saldaña, says that prior to a primary “learning curve”, the players on their platform have noticeably turned towards Esports.

Watching live matches and performing online data research, has reinforced their betting strategies. At present, users can access Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends titles on ZenSport. However, the team is aiming to expand its titles and game listings. The users will be having access to several top esports game titles at the end of summer.

CMO was also asked about whether ZenSports is interested in sponsoring teams or leagues. To this, he replied that they would be happy to take a step in this direction in the future. Although, currently they will be focusing on digital, content, and affiliate marketing of their platform. Their app and website are easily available to the users, people can check them out to get all the information.

Launch Of API In The Previous Month

The peer to peer marketplace provider, ZenSports has taken a shift towards esports betting. Earlier, its services were restricted to the mobile apps only, however now it has extended up with another integration.

Recently at the beginning of June, this esports betting company has launched its open API. It will enable users and players to access the features of its peer to peer platform anytime and anywhere without having access to their apps.

The API has allowed sports punters along with the developers to gain the potential to automatically develop, acquire, and handle bets en masse. Also, they are now able to acquire the ability to automate payments for deposits and withdrawals for all the currencies. The API will certainly permit the use of a host for the rest of the features and their utility beyond the app.

In terms of the new API release, the Co-founder and the CEO, Mark Thomas stated, the user, who wished to make more volumed transactions don’t find the app suitable for such voluminous transactions. The open API will certainly enhance functionality for these users by offering them an additional channel for distribution.

Though, he indicated that rules are still required to have adhered to the decentralized marketplace. Yet the API will offer more liquidity.

About ZenSports

Zensports is known for providing unique services to the Esports fans; it is a P2P platform. Through ZenSports, users can easily accept or create bets with other consumers.

At ZenSports, users don’t find specific bets, which means that consumers will be offered with lower fees than any other conventional bookmakers.

Another benefit of not including specific bets in their lists is that ZenSports can easily avoid getting involved in unnecessary conflicts. This also permits the marketplace to decide on the best bet outcomes.

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