Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions, briefly referred to as the Terms, are applicable to FAW.org.uk, briefly referred to as the Website, and encompass the behavior, actions, and rights of all parties involved – those who manage the Website and its third-party visitors.

1. T&C: General Definitions

  • FAW.org.uk is referred to as the Website.
  • All applicable policies, terms, and conditions are referred to as the Terms.
  • The operators of FAW.org.uk are referred to as the Owner or FAW.org.uk.
  • The third parties that visit the Website are referred to as User(s).
  • The information that Users submit and the Website gathers is referred to as Data.
  • The short data piece FAW.org.uk sends and stores on your computer is referred to as a Cookie.
  • Personal Data is handled and processed in accordance with the applicable laws. The relevant laws are referred to as Data Protection Laws.
  • The Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002/58/EC as amended in 2006 and 2009 is referred to as EU Cookie Law.

2. T&C: General Terms

  • When Users access FAW.org.uk, they agree with these Terms and confirm they understand and will comply.
  • Users below the legal age of 18 or below the legal age in their country are restricted from accessing FAW.org.uk. The higher age limit is considered.
  • The Owner strives to provide timely, authentic, and accurate information, but the Owner cannot be held accountable for the accuracy and the updates of the published content.
  • The Owner and the Website cannot be held accountable for damages, losses, or negative effects caused by the usage and actions based on the available content.
  • FAW.org.uk cannot guarantee 100% and at all times that all of the information on the Website is error-free. Thus, FAW.org.uk cannot be held accountable for damages or losses incurred from using the information and acting on it. No compensation is to be required of the Owner and the Website. The solution is to stop using the Website.
  • FAW.org.uk features links to third-party websites. These Terms do not apply to their content and information. Users cannot hold the Website accountable for third-party content. When Users visit external websites, they agree to the third-party Terms.
  • FAW.org.uk uses a wide variety of tools to optimize and improve the Users’ experience on the Website. When Users browse FAW.org.uk, they agree to the Terms of the technical providers the Website uses. Refer to the Cookie Policy below for further information.
  • Users are solely responsible to acquaint themselves with and acknowledge the Terms of third-party services.
  • FAW.org.uk doesn’t offer gambling or betting services, solely independently gathered information.
  • If the Terms or parts of it violate the User’s local legislation, the rest still applies.
  • If the Website, the featured content, or parts of them violate the User’s local legislation, inform FAW.org.uk. The Owner strives to comply with active legislation on a global scale, but its capacity to closely monitor everything is limited.
  • The Owner has every right to limit access to FAW.org.uk or parts of its content without prior notice if legislation or the outlined Terms have been breached.

3. Copyright

All content, written or visual, featured on FAW.org.uk is copyright material in all cases unless otherwise stated. Changing and handling the content or parts of it in any way, including but not limited to duplicating, remastering, republishing, redistributing, except for the case of direct-link sharing with a working do-follow link, cannot be done without the explicit approval of the Website.

4. Cookie Policy

FAW.org.uk (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, the “Website”) uses Cookies to improve and optimize the Users’ experience when they visit and interact with the Website. Users are immediately notified of the use of cookies when visiting the Website for the first time. Consent is required, whether through browser settings or manually, when Users wish to continue using the Website.

FAW.org.uk uses a variety of solutions, tools, and services to boost the performance and user experience. The following list contains information about these third-party services and their Terms:

  • CloudFlare – FAW.org.uk uses the service to determine the Users’ geolocation and offer country-specific, valuable, and relevant information. Refer to CloudFlare’s policies here:


  • Google Analytics – FAW.org.uk uses Google cookies to determine the browsing behavior of the Users, in order to improve the on-page experience of visitors. Refer to Google’s policy here:


  • HasOffers by TUNE – FAW.org.uk uses the available tools to provide more relevant promotional content and marketing materials and to better understand its Users. Refer to TUNE’s policies here:

The first time Users visit FAW.org.uk, they are immediately notified of the use of Cookies. If no action is taken, and they continue using the Website, the Cookies are implicitly accepted.

4.1. What are Cookies?

In short, Cookies are small text files sent and stored to your browser from the website you visit. They are used for various purposes, mainly to determine whether you’re a returning or a new visitor, and to collect relevant data that helps site owners to improve the experience they provide on their websites.

There are two main types of Cookies:

  • Persistent Cookies – these Cookies are stored for a predetermined amount of time that depends on the service. They’ll stay stored until you delete them manually or their time runs out.
  • Session Cookies – those Cookies last only for the duration of your browsing session and get deleted once you close your browser.

4.2. Using Cookies

There are 4 main types of Cookies you could come across while browsing the web that aim to improve your experience:

  • Essential Cookies – those Cookies allow access to websites. If Users refuse them, access might get limited or denied altogether.
  • Performance Cookies – these Cookies help site owners with improving your experience on their site.
  • Functionality Cookies – these Cookies allow the websites you visit to recognize you as a returning visitor in order to enact browsing preferences applied by you during your previous visit.
  • Advertising Cookies – these Cookies are known as targeting cookies, and they display relevant promotional content that includes ads, depending on your previous interactions with the website and your.

4.3. Managing Cookies

If Users decide they don’t want to accept Cookies from FAW.org.uk or the rest of the websites they visit, it’s possible to do so via the browser settings:

  • Google Chrome – https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647
  • Mozilla Firefox – https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/cookies-information-websites-store-on-your-computer
  • Opera – https://help.opera.com/en/how-to-clear-browser-cache-history-cookies/
  • Internet Explorer – https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies
  • Safari – https://support.apple.com/guide/safari/manage-cookies-and-website-data-sfri11471/mac
  • Microsoft Edge – https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4468242/microsoft-edge-browsing-data-and-privacy-microsoft-privacy

How you browse websites would be heavily affected upon deleting or disabling cookies. Some websites might become completely inaccessible. Deleting or disabling cookies also prevents you from receiving tailor-made and relevant content.

5. T&C: Additional Provisions

The current Terms outline Users’ rights as non-transferable. We can choose to transfer our rights but only if we’re sure yours will not be affected.

If the current Terms or parts of them are deemed invalid, illegal, or unenforceable by a court of law or legal authority, the problems in question will be modified or removed. That will have no effect on the rest of the Terms.

The outlined Terms can be modified without prior notice and at our own discretion. It’s the Users’ obligation to stay informed.