The ”canceled” of the Tokyo Olympics

The canceled' of the Tokyo Olympics

Two involved in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held this Friday, paid dearly for phrases they issued more than two decades ago. As has happened with figures of public impact in other areas, their work was affected by those words.

The director and the composer of the ceremony left their positions in the previous one due to statements and events that resurfaced in recent days.

The first, Kentaro Kobayashi, was fired last week for earlier comments that “ridiculed the painful facts of history,” according to Tokyo 2020 organizers. Local media reports said he made anti-Semitic comments in a 1998 comedy about him. Holocaust.

On his side, the composer of the Games’ opening and closing ceremonies, Japanese musician Keigo Oyamada, announced on Monday his intention to resign after old interviews about bullying behaviour resurfaced.

Oyamada has faced backlash on social media after comments made in the 1990s spread. He there he confessed that he made fun of classmates with apparent disabilities while at school.


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