The comment of Cristiano’s sister that aroused the fury of Juventus fans

The comment of Cristiano's sister that aroused the fury of Juventus fans

Ronaldo returned to United after 12 years. But his departure from Juve was not the best and the fans showed it to the post of his sister.

These days Cristiano Ronaldo was a trend due to his departure from Juventus in Italy to join Manchester United after 12 years. The English team was the club that catapulted him to the elite where he established himself as a footballer and allowed him to win several collective and individual titles. Among them was his first golden ball and his first Champions League.

Cristiano’s sister, Katia Aveiro, uploaded an image to her Instagram account that reads the phrase “he returned” along with a photo of the Portuguese sitting on a throne with a crown and a trident. This is in reference to the photo of Manchester United: the Red Devils. Also, he left a message.

“Welcome home my love, welcome to the place you deserve. What happiness, what pride. Thank you for being this great man,” he wrote. This provoked the ire of the fans of Juventus of Italy and therefore resolved to block the comments of this publication.

However, some managed to write and among them, the following messages were read: “The place you deserve … We hope this damn will play in the Europa League.” Another was: “I’m sorry, but he behaved badly with the club and the fans. If he wanted to leave, he had to do it before and not in the last days of the transfer market.”

In the preview of Saturday’s duel between Juventus and Empoli, technical director Massimiliano Allegri referred to the issue of the 36-year-old forward’s departure: “On Saturday he was on the bench against Udinese he told me he would stay. Then With the transfer market, the situation has changed and we have to accept it. At Juve, the players who want to should be the ones who stay. ” In turn, he added: “Yesterday (Friday) Cristiano told me that he has no intention of continuing at Juventus. That is why he will not be called up tomorrow and he did not train yesterday.”

What bothered the Vecchia Signora the most because of this pass? The little time they have to get a possible substitute for the Portuguese as the passing market ends on Tuesday, August 31. Although everything would indicate that the signing of forwarding Moise Kean on loan from Everton for two years with a purchase obligation is about to be closed.


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