Revealed: The Most Privileged Nations in the World

the most privileged nations

Everything changes with time but for most people, the value and importance of where we live remains the same. We feel so proud and satisfied when our country performs well in a sports competition or ranks highly in a study. The list below compromises some of the most privileged nations in the world that continue to impress year and year:


With a low unemployment rate, high social mobility and less inequality, it stands at the top in terms of opportunities.


It is well equipped in terms of the medical field and healthcare factors. It is the only country that has a total score of 100 in safety and health, which, as we all know, is essential, especially after experiencing the pandemic.


Among the four parameters taken into consideration while conducting the study for most privileged nations, France has one of the best health scores. This prosperous land is well-known for its desirable cities, rolling hills, delicious wine, and world-class cuisine.


Did you know that Switzerland has more millionaires per 1,000 people than any other country?. Switzerland is a world front-runner in terms of personal finance. Alongside the strong finance score here, the nation also has a very stable life satisfaction score index and opportunities in terms of education and career.

The United States of America

Despite boasting the highest GDP worldwide, the United States does not make it inside the top 10 countries for privilege. Although it ranks reasonably high in personal wealth, health, career and finance, the U.S. is low in terms of life satisfaction. The country is nonetheless an international powerhouse, and is home to some of the biggest companies and educational institutions on the planet.


This tiny nation is often overshadowed by its more robust and far more famous European neighbors, but this prosperous land is both beautiful and business friendly, and deserves mention among the most privileged nations.


Wondering how Italy performed comparatively? Rich in history and culture, Italy is home to iconic brands, ancient cities, and incredible food. The Italian passport is also among the world’s strongest.

All of the countries above offer their citizens a balanced lifestyle, meaning a stable and safe job, a decent standard of living, and a high standard of health. That’s something for all countries around the world to stride towards.

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