The Worst Injuries in Football

Injuries in Football

Football is one of the most physically exhaustive sports in the world. Many players collide against each other and in the process suffering from concussions and dislocating bones. These injuries can at times have a long-term effect on footballers.

Ever wondered what are the worst injuries in football? Is it a dislocation, head injury, or the worst leg break? Maybe there is no one single injury that can be considered to be the worst football injury ever, nonetheless, here we are going to list some of the worst injuries that have ever happened in football.

Unfortunately, in football, injuries are something that can’t be avoided or controlled. Injuries just happen, particularly if the game in question is heated up. Nevertheless, some injuries are so severe that they can be called the worst football injuries. We searched throughout history to list the worst injuries in football of all time.

Luc Nilis

Luc Nilis, Belgium’s former world cup star and a former premier league player had a horrible experience with English football. Nilis played for the Belgian 11 and was one of the best footballers for about 20 years. He was fortunate enough to play for Aston Villa. Nevertheless, this ended abruptly for the football star. This happened back in September 2000, when his team (Villains) was playing against Ipswich Town. Only five minutes after kick-off, Nilis collided with Richard Wright, Ipswich Towns goalkeeper. The collision resulted in a knee fracture. The injury was so severe that he had to retire immediately.

Henrik Larsson

The former Manchester United striker Henrik Larsson got involved in a very terrible collision in 1999. The ex-Celtic striker was well known for his superb striking skills. At the height of his fast-growing career, Henrik joined the red devils. He scored 3 goals in 13 games for the Red Devils during the 2006/2007 seasons and even got special dispensation for the league medal. However, it was the nasty leg injury that dampened his spirit and almost killed his football career. After 8 months on the sidelines with a double leg break, Henrik recovered successfully and made a comeback in the Euro 2000.

Jacob Olesen

Jacob Olesen was known for his striking prowess, until the time he got a terrible injury while playing in the Danish league. Olsen’s team Viborg FF was the underdog until the point when he picked up a horrible dislocation. The left ankle was so badly affected that the leg was literally hanging. The match took place at the commencement of the 2006/2007 season and result in Olesen being out of the game for over 5 months.

Kieron Dyer

Kieron Dyer has, for many years, been considered one of the most crocked footballers of all time. The former West Ham and ex-Queens Park Ranger’s player Dyer has more than 9 lives. Kieron Dyer has, over the years, played for many clubs including Bristol Rovers and Newcastle United. It was in Bristol Rovers where the midfielder suffered one of the worst injuries in the world of football. At first, Dyer had lots of potentials and managed to find his way into the England squad. This was remarkable considering he has, over the years, suffered from nasty injuries. Nonetheless, when Dyer was on the road to recovery, something horrible happened. In August 2007, Dyer suffered a broken right leg while playing for Bristol Rovers.

Djibril Cisse

The body hasn’t been very kind to the ex-French international football star, Djibril Cisse. The international striker has experienced two very nasty leg breaks. The amazing football career has seen Cisse play for Queens Park Rangers, Liverpool, and Bastia among others. He suffered the first injury back in 2006 when playing in a friendly international game. Cisse fractured the right leg after a horrible tackle against a player of the Shandong Luneng club. Again, Cisse got involved in another bad crash playing for Liverpool. Merseyside was playing against the Blackburn Rovers when Cisse suffered another injury after a challenge by Jay McEveley.

Inigo Diaz De Cerio

Inigo Daiz De Cerio was out for 12 months after a tackle made sure the player spent more time on physiotherapy than on a real bench. This happened after De Cerio collided with an SD Eibar player. His right leg was badly shattered and the player suffered a broken fibula and tibia. No choice was left, but to endure several operations, but fortunately, these turned out positive. This didn’t discourage him from extending his football career when he made a comeback for the Numancia and athletic Bilbao.

Luciano Almeida

Across the landscape of South America, brazils football isn’t a stranger to horrible injuries. It was only a matter of time before Luciano Almeida fell victim in a game between Flamengo and Botafogo. In 2007, he was involved in a serious tackle that ensured he was out of the game for many months. Almeida’s ankle was nearly twisted as he writhed around in pain. The injury ensured he was out of the game for almost 6 months before he recovered fully. At the age of 39 years, Almedia still laces up his football boots.

Alan Smith

In 2006, when Alan Smith played for Manchester United in a game against Liverpool, horribly injured him while trying to block a free kick by John Arne Riise. Smith later revealed that he never recovered fully from the injury.

Sir Alex Ferguson, former Manchester United coach described the Smiths’ injury as the worst he had seen. But Smith admitted that he continued to play football through the pain because of his love for football. This was against his surgeon’s advice that he hung his boots and walk away as the best premier league player.

Petr Cech

In 2006, the ex-Chelsea shot-stopper got involved in a life-threatening collision with Stephen Hunt. Hunts knee crashed with the goalkeeper’s head. Cech was rushed to the hospital with the medics suspecting a blood clot. Cech was expected to be out for about a year, but he surprisingly made a miraculous recovery, and was back within 3 months, but this time with a helmet.


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