This is how Fortuna Düsseldorf opened the Season

This is how Fortuna Düsseldorf opened the season

Fortuna starts the new season of the second division with the away game at SV Sandhausen. At the dress rehearsal, won 3-0 against the Belgian first division club OH Leuven, coach Christian Preusser was able to gain some insights.

Three mandatory games

1st matchday of the 2nd division: SV Sandhausen – F95 (Sunday, July 25th, 1.30 p.m.).

2nd matchday: F95 – W. Bremen (Saturday, July 31, 8:30 p.m.).

1st round in the DFB Cup: SV Oldenburg – F95 (Sunday, August 8th, 3:30 p.m.).

The efforts for a committed counter-pressing were clearly visible in many scenes. Fast start-up, exactly at agreed times or in defined rooms. You can see from the team that they can do a lot with this kind of game. The basic tactical order is important, but not decisive. Christian Preusser played against OH Leuven with a back four, which will probably also be the method of choice against Sandhausen. The chain of three should be an option especially when it comes to teams that not only want to destroy moves but are also able to create a game.

That didn’t go smoothly yet

In terms of coordination, there was still a bit of a problem here and there. However, this is not an incredibly surprising finding. As a central defender in a central position, Dragos Nedelcu only had a few training days to understand processes. He will need a few more weeks before automatisms can really be rehearsed. On the side of Christoph Klarer, however, it looked pleasant. The robust type is more clear, Nedelcu playfully stronger. However, Leuven was not the opponent who pushed Fortuna to its limits, which is why you have to wait and see how some things show up in practice.

That’s the surprise

Not so clear to answer this year. Last season Shinta Appelkamp stood out. This time it is perhaps reassuring that the team presents itself uniformly and does not reveal any serious security gaps. Mind you: You have to wait for the first few games to see how individual types develop under competitive conditions.

That question is still open

Who will be the captain will be shown in the middle of the week. Previously, Preusser had handled it in such a way that the oldest player on the field always wore the armband. It is still unclear whether he will name his leading players himself or at least let a part be chosen. Among the favorites: Rouwen Hennings, Marcel Sobottka, Matthias Zimmermann and of course Adam Bodzek.

That’s what the players say

Rouwen Hennings: “We had some good actions upfront and didn’t allow much defensively. It was a good test. Our coach made it clear how he imagines our football and we have already seen some changes. Even if we still need a little time to implement everything perfectly: We are well prepared! ”

Adam Bodzek: “We really wanted to win this game! We were very annoyed that we couldn’t win our two games in training camp. Even today you can still see things in which we can and even have to get better. But overall we are on the right track. ”

Christoph Klarer: “We wanted to start the season with a good feeling today and we did it. For me, it was the first game in Düsseldorf with spectators – and that was a great feeling! Already when we arrived it was a completely different mood. I hope that we will have a good atmosphere in the arena over the course of the season and that we will be able to welcome significantly more spectators.”

That’s what the trainer says

“It was a good end to the preparation! You have seen some things that we have trained in exactly the same way over the past few weeks. So I’m happy with the test. We had several good moments, including the 2-0 and 3-0 goals. There are still areas in which we have to improve: We were a bit vulnerable with long balls and we can also improve in counter-protection. The bottom line was that the game went as we had imagined, ”said Chief Executive Christian Preusser after the game.

What else was going on

Spectator! Finally, fans were allowed into the arena again, even if only to a manageable extent. Football needs this stage, the energy from the stands. Hopefully, there will be more and more fans, not fewer, who will be allowed into the stadium.

Whoever was there

Fortuna Düsseldorf is also looking for an offensive player, among other things. Maybe the possible reinforcement is already in the stands?

It was a good old acquaintance – but who will probably not celebrate a return to Düsseldorf: Charlie Benschop was with his family at the game in the stadium.

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